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Do you have a preference for laptops, or desktops, tablets, notebooks, or ultrabooks, or chromebooks?

Do you have a preference for Mac over MS?

Do like your tech to be portable for the commute each day, or do you prefer to work from home?

Are you a keen gamer, and keep your rig as fast as possible for gaming above all other uses?

Do you go for processing power or portability?

Or do you just want email and internet browsing?


   Let us Take the Hard Work out of Choosing Your Next Computer

There is an incredibly wide range of computer technology options on the market right now, and the various options can be confusing for some.  We hear so many opinions from different people, and sometimes there is so much history behind some of the discussions (like Mac lovers vs PC users) that it can be like walking through a minefield.

Rather than being concerned about making a tough decision about your next purchase of technology, we think there is an incredible opportunity open to us all.  There are many excellent value for money options on the market, and there is an incredible array of technology that is accessible to make your life easier!  So don’t panic, there is an answer to every question you have regarding your next technology purchase, and there is a technology solution to any questions you may have.


You just have to know who or where to ask!

Well, here at CompuTechScout, our mission is to bring you truly independent reviews of all the latest releases of:

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Tablets
  • Apple MacIntosh
  • Large screen monitors
  • Monitor stands
  • Upgrade components
  • Extra RAM
  • Cooling fans
  • Useful tips and information


What do you use your Computer Technology for?

Are you a student who needs a decent laptop for school, or do you need a laptop for a college student, or do you take your laptop to work each day?

———–>>  Well you might need a lightweight computer that you can carry each day!

Are you on a tight budget, and don’t want to spend too much money?

———–>> Well there are some very capable but inexpensive budget laptops on the market.

Do you need to process large data files, or perform complex financial spreadsheets, or do photo editing or video editing of large video files?

———–>> Well you might need a little extra horsepower – how about an Ultrabook!

Do you need a laptop for an engineering student or engineering professional so that you can do a range of computational analyses, or run large software modelling programs?

———–>> You need to be portable and powerful!

Do you want to run the latest and greatest games, with all the high speed graphics, and processor intensive software applications?

———–>> Then you want the biggest and best that is available!


There is a Computer Solution to suit everyone!

We believe there is a technical solution for every computer requirement that you can think of, so let us do the investigation work for you, and see if we can find a suitable option to meet your requirement.

Or conversely, pick your favorite tech, and type it into our search engine and see whether we can provide a completely independent and non-biased review to assist you in making the best decision for your circumstances.


The Best Independent Reviews of Computer Technology

Of course, at CompuTechScout, we are an independent technology reviewer, and although we are affiliated with the Amazon sales machine, we are completely non-biased when it comes to brands and manufacturers of technology. So you get an independent opinion, which is not affected by sponsorship or funded posts or financial promotional bias in any way – just good honest assessment of a wide range of computer technology.  The service we provide costs you nothing to use, your opinions and feedback are welcome, and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at CompuTechScout.com!


Have you ever wondered what is the thinnest laptop?

You might have believed that the title of the thinnest laptop might belong to the Apple MacBook Air, but you might also be mistaken!  Despite the very best of innovations of solid state electronics, and stunning iPad technology, Apple cannot lay claim to the thinnest laptops, and in fact, have been beaten by quite a long way!  It is true that Apple started the rush to develop the ultra slim and ultra capable laptops that are available on the market these days, but one competitor for the title has blown the others away!

The thinnest laptop without question is the incredibly slim, yet undeniably powerful HP Spectre.  This machine is just over 10mm slim (10.4 mm to be precise, or 0.41 inches if you need to compare with your old machine).  As unbelievable as this dimension is, the best part is that you are not missing out on any performance or processing power, as the HP Spectre is a luxurious design and comes with everything you need.


What about the competition?

The HP Spectre certainly has it over the MacBook Air, which measures in at 0.68 inches thick, which is the equivalent of 17.2 mm.  Apple have managed to improve on their own high standards, and the latest MacBook has been substantially slimmed down to just over half of an inch, or 13 mm which is notable, but not the thinnest.

The incredibly small and powerful Dell XPS 13 is a strong contender for best all rounder in the ultrabook market, but it doesn’t make the thinnest list – it measures in at a very slim 15 mm.

Lenovo also play in the market for the thinnest laptops, but their best ultrabook offering is the Carbon Touch X1, which also comes in at 13 mm.

But nothing comes close to the HP Spectre, and that is why we like to uphold this stunning ultrabook as a clear winner in terms of thinnest and best on the market.


 Nothing is compromised with the HP Spectre!

There is an option for either Intel i5 or even a 6th generation i7-6500 processor,  all with 8 GB RAM and even a 256 GB Solid State Hard Drive, and still packed into that remarkable thin and lightweight frame.  I don’t know how they do it!

The screen is actually a 13.3 inch masterpiece, measured across the diagonal, and offers you a spectacular viewing platform, with glossy glass screen, wide angle viewing, Led back lighting and wonderful colors and brightness.


The HP Spectre has the power

As mentioned earlier, the HP Spectre has a built in 8 GB RAM memory for exceptional multi tasking ability, so that you can run games or videos or processing tasks seamlessly without lagging or annoying interruptions.   In fact you can set your long processing runs in the background and still be able to manage your emails and check the internet at the same time.


Better and thinner than the rest

The big winner with this small machine is the built in 256 GB solid state hard drive which is much faster than a traditional mechanical disc drive, and can virtually go from zero to complete in a blink of an eye.  No more waiting around for spool up times like the old drives needed to get up to speed.  The incredible lightweight HP Spectre is actually a bit of a surprise package, because if you expected the performance to be a little compromised to fit the hardware into such a small package, then you would be mistaken, the opposite is true, and this machine can outperform most of the competition despite its miniscule frame.


More Bang for your Buck

Not only is the HP Spectre incredibly thin, it is also a lightweight amongst laptops, weighing in at only 2.45 pounds, which at just over 1.1 kgs, also blows away most of the competition.

Not shy to speak up, the HP Spectre comes with the very best of Bang and Olufsen custom speakers, and stunning stereo audio output for the best user experience.  Once again, HP Spectre has not compromised quality or capability, and despite the diminutive size, this machine continues to impress.

What other innovations do you get with the HP Spectre?

This machine has manages to compress a lot of high quality electronics into this very small frame, and in part this is due to the delivery of the latest technology in keeping cool.  HP claim to maximise cooling airflow over the computer chips through innovative practices, and they do not fail to deliver.  Despite the crammed nature of the laptop frame, this little machine manages to keep itself cool under pressure.

Oh, and you still get 9 hours of battery life!


Conclusion – we have a winner, the HP Spectre

Whilst the HP Spectre is a clear winner in the lightweight and thinnest laptop stakes, the ultrabook category of laptops is filled with incredible competition for the best device.  To be honest, all of the aforementioned brands such as Apple MacBook, Dell XPS 13, and Lenovo Carbon Touch offer excellent capability and fantastic computing power for such small devices.  If you absolutely have to have small and lightweight device, then the HP Spectre has you covered.  If you prefer to operate an Apple device, then you will be well serviced by the Apple MacBook, and if you just can’t go past the Dell XPS 13 or the Lenovo Carbon Touch, then it simply comes down to your own personal choice – they are all great little machines, and provide computer far and above what most of us will ever need on a daily basis!


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