Lightest Laptop Computers

Top 4 lightest laptop computers

  Do you want to know what is the lightest laptop computer on the market?  Are you tired of carting around a huge heavy machine, while it seems everyone else has a beautiful slim ... Continue Reading →
best Acer Gaming Laptop

How long will your computer last

If you are concerned how long will your computer last, then you probably want to know how you can help keep your computer going for as long as possible – right? Give your computer ... Continue Reading →
Should I upgrade to Windows 10

Should I Upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is Here After years of waiting and months of teasing, Windows 10 has successfully been released, and you will see many of the computer systems here on Computech Scout and ... Continue Reading →
LG curved screen monitor

Review of Curved Screen Monitors for PC or Laptop

We live in fortunate times! With the rapid increase in technology, not only do we see incredible new technologies being released almost every day, but with the rapid uptake of new technology, ... Continue Reading →
Desktop reviews

Best Desktop Computer Reviews

Just for starters, lets take a look at a couple of offerings from the Dell Inspiron range, and then see how that stacks up against some of the competition. Come with us on a computer ... Continue Reading →
Desktop computer review

Welcome to CompuTechScout Desktop Reviews

In a bit of a twist as far as computer reviews go, CompuTechScout has launched into a new review format to cover PC and Desktop computers in addition to the more familiar laptops and ... Continue Reading →
Lenovo laptops

The Best Lenovo Laptops

What are the Best Lenovo Laptops? Can you believe that it was 10 years ago that IBM stopped making ThinkPad laptop computers?   Well fortunately, the brand is still alive, ... Continue Reading →
Toshiba Satellite S55-B5266 Review

Best Toshiba Laptops of the Year

We’ve researched some of the best Toshiba laptops of the year, that have been released on the market right now and checked other reviews to add to our own, so that we can give you ... Continue Reading →
This is Zen - ASUS Zenbook

Best Ultrabooks of the Year

Here’s our list of the Best Ultrabooks of the Year If you’re looking for the thinnest and lightest PC laptops on the market, you’ll often find them labeled as “Ultrabooks.” ... Continue Reading →
Laptop vs Ultrbook

Laptop vs Ultrabook vs Chromebook vs Tablet

How to Choose between a Laptop, Ultrabook, Chromebook, or Tablet? Or is there something in between that is best for you? Just how can you pick the best portable device? Not so long ... Continue Reading →