Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 Laptop Review

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Welcome to the Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 Laptop Review
Dell Inspiron series of laptops promise a very wide variety of laptop configuration. From bear minimum essentials to roaring beast, Dell Inspiron rules all categories. Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 lies somewhere in the middle in the sense that it features hardware that is neither as powerful as the top end gaming laptops, nor as meek as your average budget laptop. The central feature of the Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 is the processor. This is a laptop built for performance in all aspects other than hardcore gaming. Thus, this is a great affordable multimedia laptop.


What are the key features of the Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 Laptop?

The key attraction of Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 is of course the 7th generation Intel Core i7-7500u 1.8 GHz processor that has the technology to boost its clock speed to 3.5 GHz when needed. We all know the central role of processors in almost every respect of computing. A good processor benefits almost every component in the computer and thus improving your experience on it. The core i7-7500u processor is a dual core processor with multi-threading enabled. This technology improves the multitasking experience of the laptop. Furthermore, this is also a processor that is Ultra Power Efficient and therefore promises a long battery life. Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 has a built in integrated AMD R7 M445 graphics chip. This is a powerful graphics card, and it can handle most games at low graphics. Therefore, it is only intended for casual gaming needs. In terms of editing, this computer should be able to handle quite heavy editing jobs without much hassle


But wait the Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 Laptop has more!

The 8GB of DDR4 RAM in the Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 is not only sufficient for the integrated graphics card, but also greatly complements the processor in terms of performance. The good thing about large capacity of RAM is that it does not bottle neck the system thus you get a smooth overall experience from the laptop. Just as all the components benefit from a fast processor, they also benefit from a large capacity of RAM. Additionally, Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 features an ample 1 TB of HDD, which is more than the standard amount in laptops of this price tag. Here is a tip: if you want to take the level of performance on this laptop to the next level, slap in a SSD drive and remove the 1 TB HDD. You can use the 1 TB HDD as external HDD.

Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 Laptop has everything you need

Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 comes pre-installed with Windows 10, it features a HD 15.6 inch screen, has two USB 3.0 and SD Card Reader. Furthermore, it features HDMI, Ethernet port and card reader. The full sized 10 key numpad is also one of a kind as it is spill resistant. This is must for those of you who are quite clumsy or just prone to accidents. If you want to keep your data safe from accidental spills, then this keyboard is a must. Also just to clear a few things up, this series of Inspiron is 17% thinner than its predecessors. Also keep in mind that Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 also features a tray load DVD Drive.  This is a must have as it is capable of reading and writing to either DVD or CD – whichever you prefer.

Summary – Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 LaptopDell Inspiron i5567-5473 Laptop review

All in all, Dell Inspiron i5567-5473 is a laptop built for versatile use. The processor and the rest of the hardware in this laptop is more than sufficient for you to have a great experience for a long time without having the need to replace it with a new one for at least half a decade. This laptop is sleek, and slim and thus quite suitable for people who like to roll with style without sacrificing performance.

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