How long will your computer last

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If you are concerned how long will your computer last, then you probably want to know how you can help keep your computer going for as long as possible – right?

Give your computer a Longer Life


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If you have bought a new computer recently, or if you are putting off that purchase, here are some helpful tips on how to stretch the life of your faithful machine as long as possible.





How long will your computer last: Hard drive

Do you know that you can upgrade the hard drive, or extend the hard drive, or buy an external hard drive, or even do away with a hard drive completely?  There are now many options to keep your old machine going for longer, that do not involve replacing the old hard drive, but if you prefer to keep your files and data close to home, you would be amazed at the options.  Hard drives are commonly measured in thousands of Giga Bytes, known as TeraBytes, and you can easily upgrade with a massive storage space.  You can plug in USB hard drives, which are good for daily use, or remote backups.  If you don’t want to be bothered, you can trust all your data to the cloud – it is your choice!


How long will your computer last: Cooling Fan

best power supply unit

Clean and Cool is the secret!  Just like humans, computers can find it difficult to work hard in hot weather.  The hardest working component is often the cooling fan.  Be nice to your cooling fan – it can be a bff for your computer and you!  Again, did you know that you can replace or upgrade your cooling fan?  If your old one gives up the ghost, or if you have upgraded several of the internals of your computer with high energy emitting components, then you just might need to install a new one.  Have a look here, at the range of new power supply units that come with inbuilt cooling fans that are available at Amazon.

No matter whether you choose to upgrade, or just keep your old cooling fan, you still need to keep it operating to its best potential.  Here are some secrets to looking after your bff cooling fan.

Firstly – keep the vents clean, as any restriction of air flow will cause problems down the track.  Secondly – make sure you keep the vents around your computer clear of anything that blocks air flow.  If you want to be fastidious with your machine, you could try to open the case and check out the condition of the cooling fan and the vents from the inside.  You can look for help online to clean your machine, or just ask an expert for help.


How long will your computer last:  Software

Give your software a cuddle!

With the pace of change at the moment, it is easy to feel left behind.  Don’t be shy – try the latest web browser, click on the those pesky updates, get familiar with the latest and greatest apps, have some fun, and you just might find something that makes your life easier.

By staying up to date, you get the additional benefit of having software that is fast and efficient, as well as secure as possible. Fortunately, most software updates are totally automated and very painless.

No matter whether you decide to upgrade, or stick with the old and trusted, there are some handy hints for keeping everything humming along at top speed.  Keep unnecessary files to a minimum, because the more clogged your hard drive is, the more work your computer has to do to retrieve your data, and organize your life.  The operating system may need to use some of the available space for temporary storage, so the more spare space you have the easier your system will be able to self manage.  You can even choose to tidy up the existing files with a product especially designed to clean and sort your hard drive.


How long will your computer last:  Battery

If you have a laptop, the battery life is probably right up there in terms of usability of your machine, and how long you can afford to be away from the next charge.  Unfortunately, most batteries tend to degrade naturally over time, so you will probably never get the maximum run time from an older battery, but keeping your system clean, and making sure the cooling fan is doing its thing will go a long way to maximizing your battery life in the long run.

How long will your computer last:  Security

best RAM for gaming

Defence is the best advice against malicious intent!  No matter what you choose to buy or upgrade, you should make sure your machine is adequately protected in terms of software security.  Keep your software safe, be wary of strange looking emails, and only download from trusted sources.  You know the drill, as fast as software protection evolves, the hackers will find a way to circumvent the defences, so choose a good protection package, but be sensible what you download, and don’t make it too easy for the bad guys!


How long will your computer last:  Monitor

Samsung curved screen monitor

You want to get the best view, right?  Don’t forget to give your computer monitor a bit of a polish every now and again, or maybe even consider adding a second screen, it makes you look smart, and adds to your viewing pleasure!  We have a review of some of the best monitors on the market, for your reading pleasure.  Click here if you are after the latest thin bezel monitors, or read here for a review of the latest curved screen monitors on the market.


Happy Computing from CompuTechScout!


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