Top 4 lightest laptop computers

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Do you want to know what is the lightest laptop computer on the market?  Are you tired of carting around a huge heavy machine, while it seems everyone else has a beautiful slim line lightweight laptop computer?

Top 4 lightest laptop computers

Lightest Laptop Computers

Are you confused between tablets, ultrabooks, laptops, hybrid machines, and all-in-one computers?  Well let us try to unravel some of the mystery how you can get the lightest laptop on the market right now.  Your next choice of computer doesn’t have to be a laptop, because these days there are some much thinner and lightweight computers on the market.  Not only can you go for the lightest laptop computer, but you can still choose the best looking option, with full functionality and productivity.  You will be able to run all of your typical spreadsheets, data files, entertainment and internet options.  You can have the lightest laptop computer without compromising on functionality.

If you need to travel for a significant amount of your work, or if you are a student and you need to commute, or if you work in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) work environment, then you will understand the need to not only look professional, but also to have the lightest laptop computer possible.  If you carry a heavy machine around with every day, it becomes a drag, and changes the way you think about your portable device.

The best way to fix the problem is to check out some of the options for the lightest laptop computers on the market:

1.  Samsung TabPro S 4G

From Samsung:  Priced around $650 for the base model up to $1800 for the 4G

The Inspiration for your very own mobile office – the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is a hybrid tablet computer that offers you an extremely thin, but powerful machine, which is actually a tablet, but comes with a fold out keyboard for extra versatility.  For added functionality, the Galaxy TabPro also comes with a 4G option, so that you can stay connected wherever you choose to travel, and you can set up your mobile office wherever you choose to sit down – over coffee, or a chat, or even meeting with clients, the Galaxy TabPro is the choice of professional people on the go!

The competition for tablet computers has been raised between Samsung and Microsoft for supremacy in the lightest laptop computer market. The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is lighter and slimmer even with the attached keyboard.  Don’t forget that with internet connection, the TabPro S 4G, is taking it right up to the competition and places this device right up there with the Microsoft Surface tablet computers.

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S features a very fast 128GB solid state hard drive, a stunning clear and responsive 12 inch touchscreen monitor and all of this is powered by a battery lasting up to 10 hours.

In addition, the Galaxy TabPro comes loaded with Windows 10 Pro software, and offers you everything you need for your office on the go.  Click here to find out where you can buy the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet computer.


2.  Razer Blade Stealth

From Razer :  Between $1600-$1900
The next contender for lightest laptop computer on the market is the super thin and lightweight Razor Blade Stealth, which is actually a traditional laptop computer, which was designed to fit under the ultrabook category.  The Razor Stealth comes in at just 1.3 centimeters thick and includes a fantastic 12 and a half inch touchscreen monitor.

The Razor Blade Stealth is a true lightweight contender, as it is thinner and slimmer even than a MacBook Air.  Actually it blows the competition away as it offers more powerful components, better connectivity, and more features than the others.  With backlit keyboard lighting, Intel core i7 processor with 8GB RAM memory, and stunning good looks, the Razor Blade offers excellent performance and is actually cheaper than its MacBook competitors.

Known for their high performance gaming computers, the Razor Blade Stealth offers stunning opportunities for those who want to buy one of the lightest laptop computers on the market.


3.  HP Spectre x2 4G

From upwards of around $1150 to $1700 for the 4G

We just couldn’t go past the latest offering from HP – the HP Spectre x2.  The Spectre is actually a detachable computer that is convertible so that you can use it either as a tablet device or as one of the lightest laptop computers that you can buy.

This beautiful hybrid tablet computer from HP offers plenty of high performance features in a very stylish package.  The structure of the device features a flip up kickstand which can be adjusted to suit any viewing angle you prefer, rather than just the one position offered by most of the fold out tablet style computers.  The HP Spectre also provides an ergonomic keyboard so that you have the feel of working on a traditional computer rather than a cramped little tablet. But this device has all the benefits of a tablet, being extremely thin and lightweight, with a 12 inch monitor.

You get all the benefits of a tablet computer, as well the software capability using Microsoft Windows 10 Pro operating system, and even access the internet via SIM card functionality.  The HP Spectre x2 is truly a great contender for lightest laptop computer on the market.

4.  Apple iPad Pro 9.7

Apple: from under $1000

We couldn’t end this list without looking at one of the range of Apple devices which are known for being some of the lightest computers on the market, but this time, instead of MacBook Air, we will look a the latest iPad Pro 9.7.

The 9.7 inch iPad Pro is a truly professional computer device, and when you pair it up with the Apple Smart Keyboard you will find that it is transformed from a mere tablet into an extremely versatile and lightweight competitor for other laptop computer options.  The 9.7 inch iPad Pro is a smaller derivative of the 12 inch iPad, that offers all of the same functionality.  The superb iPad 9.7 represents a saving in size, weight and space for those who truly wish to minimise their computer size, but at the same time maximise their versatility.

The iPad 9.7 does not lack horsepower as it is powered by an A9X processor chip and M9 co processor.  These powerful computer chips are small, but will provide you with all the power you need for handling data, photos, videos and still offers you all the entertainment options you dream of.  Although the screen and keyboard are a little narrower than the other options we have considered, you will undoubtedly find the Apple iPad 9.7 to be one of the lightest laptop computer options available on the market. Protection Status


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