ASUS F555LA-AH51 Review

ASUS F555LA-AH51 ReviewIf you understand the value of money, then you would know that you should only spend on what you need and not on what you want. The ASUS F555LA-AH51 is a laptop that is built to satisfy all your digital needs, given that your tasks include web browsing, word processing and some entertainment here and there. Most suited for students and researchers, this is a machine that has an excellent build quality, along with simplistic and minimal design.

Features: 15.6 (1366×768), Core i5-4200U, 1 TB HDD,  8 GB DDR 3, 1 inch thickness, 2xUSB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0

I honestly believe that students do have to spend a lot of money on a laptop. If you prefer gaming, then maybe you should think about a desktop and get a laptop to complement it. You may not realize it, but the cost of the two actually turns out to be about the same. Also with the desktop you also get the added bonus of upgrading it whenever you want. However, for those students who do not care much for gaming, then you need not look further.

Although the ASUS F555LA-AH51 is not an entry level laptop as there are cheaper laptops from ASUS available, it is still a budget laptop. The reason I say this is because, it is neither a top range multimedia laptop that can run editing software, nor it is as limiting as ultra budget laptop that can only perform word processing at best.

This laptop fits neatly in between. It has the capacity to perform editing jobs as well as has enough juice to support casual gaming. By casual I mean at the lowest end graphics possible. Software specific for your studies can also be installed and this laptop should be able to handle it. I mean this laptop can support electrical engineering software for sure given that I do not over burden it with heavy simulations.

So the thing to remember is that it is a laptop, so you can simply pack up your school work, your college assignments, or your office work, and take it with you every day.  I guess it is not as small as a tablet, but you can do way more with this laptop than a tablet, and the value for money makes it a no brainer.  Take it with you in your school bag, your carry satchel or your leather brief case – no problems, you really can take this slim unit with you wherever you go!

This laptop is run by the latest core i5-4200U processor. This is a U designated processor, which means that it is low power so it conserves battery life. Again, battery life is a big consideration for students, and for people always on the move. Equally important is the thin profile. Fortunately, ASUS F555LA-AH51 is only about an inch thin. 

For those graphic designers running on a budget, you can also rejoice as this processor can support some Photoshop tasking, and the fact that it is coupled with 8 GB of installed RAM, your low level Photoshop jobs should be no problem at all.

For a $500 laptop, it offers a huge 1 TB of HDD as well. Further features include connectivity options and some exclusive ASUS features such as the ability to resume from sleep in 2 sec, and SonicMaster sound. 

All in all, if you want to make a smart purchase, the there is absolutely no reason why you should overlook this laptop. It is specifically designed to offer the best value of money possible. Do not spend more one something that you don’t need. Always be the smart buyer. 

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