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Just for starters, lets take a look at a couple of offerings from the Dell Inspiron range, and then see how that stacks up against some of the competition.

Come with us on a computer reviewer’s journey of exploration, and see if anything of interest grabs your attentions, or maybe flicks on light bulbs for you!
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1. Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK Desktop computer

The Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK desktop computer offers fantastic processing horsepower for a machine in this price range well below $1000. It has fantastic performance and will very easily run your multi media tasks such as video and photo editing, high end gaming, you can watch HD movies, as well as all of the more usual computing applications. The thing is – you can do all of it at the same time! It comes equipped with a massive 2 TB of hard drive storage, ample on board memory, and a brand new Intel processor.

The Dell Inspiron I3847-6934BK desktop comes with a 4th generation Intel Core i5-4460 processor along with a 6MB cache. Together with Dell’s very clever four way processing technology, integrated Intel HD graphics, and processing speeds of up 3.4 GHz, and you have a high speed machine that can handle almost everything you can throw at it.

Sounds ok so far – read our in depth review for more details on this fabulous and well priced desktop from Dell.

Dell Inspiron i3847 6934BK Review


2.  Dell Inspiron i3847 Flagship desktop

If you would like to explore another Dell option to elevate your computing horsepower just a little higher, then take a peek at the next model in the Dell range, the mighty Dell Inspiron i3847 with Flagship specifications.

The Dell Inspiron I3847 Flagship Professional desktop lifts the performance rating further still, but amazingly, this machine has a very attractive price tag under the $1000 range.

It has processing power to amaze and impress.

This is one of Amazon top selling computers, so if you want to find out what everyone is raving about, read our in depth review for more of the features of the Dell Inspiron i3847 Flagship computer.

Dell Inspiron i3847 Flagship desktop


3.  Dell XPS 8700 X8700-2815BLK Desktop

And just when you thought that Dell could not squeeze any more improvements into a single desktop frame, along comes the Dell XPS 8700-2815BLK desktop.  Not only have Dell exceeded expectations with respect to processing power, they have still managed to fit yet another beast of a machine under the $1000 price tag. And they have managed to increase the computing horsepower even higher, with supercharged graphics and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics co-processor which is designed to amaze even the most dedicated gaming enthusiast.

Click here to read our in depth review for more details on this fabulous and well priced desktop from Dell.

Dell XPS 8700 review

Dell XPS 8700 X8700-2815BLK Desktop



4.  HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC

Just for something a little different, HP now offer users a combination between the elegance and simplicity of an all-in-one system, the power of a tower PC system, more compact size, and all at an affordable price. The HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC price range varies from $600 to about $800 depending on which inclusions you choose.  This All in one PC is powered by an Intel Core i3 supported by 8GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive for as many documents, videos and music as you can handle. Besides the fact that your new system will look amazing on your desk, you will also be able to perform your daily tasks at a greater speed, using a stylish multi-touch monitor with beautiful clear graphics and listen to amazing sound quality.

The winning aspect of the HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC is the very impressive 23 inch multi touch enabled monitor that supports IPS technology and provides full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), clear images and 16:9 aspect ratio. Using this all-in-one system will actually be fun as you get to touch, glide and tap your way to better efficiency, just like you can speed along with a laptop or tablet.

If you are interested in looking further at the HP All in One PC, then click here to read our in depth review.

HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC

Breaking NEWS – have you seen one of these?

Look at this very nifty dual screen monitor stand from Dell – the MDS 14.

Replace your old monitor stand with just one to save you that all valuable space on your desk. Use the newfound space for writing, reference materials and, well – coffee! The stand allows you to change height, and tilt settings for dual monitors of your choice. A nifty adapter plate which comes as standard in the box with the stand also allows you to mount any compliant monitor, so know you can have both screens and keep them in alignment.

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