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What is IPS technology?  IPS is the latest advance in viewing excellence that promises the widest viewing angles and vivid color reproduction, and is probably going to phase out the conventional television technology sooner or later. The number of IPS monitors continues to grow as it establishes its presence in the monitor market by leaps and bounds.  A year or two ago IPS monitors started gaining public interest; however, today it is hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard of this technology, or maybe uses it without even knowing!

There was a time when IPS screens were limited in options and had abysmal response rate. That has changed. Now some of the IPS screens can even offer 5 ms response rate. Although this is nowhere near the TN panel technology, the upward trend shows that IPS screens will soon reach the point where the difference between the response rate will be negligible. The best IPS monitor comes in many different shapes and sizes. Most of the monitors featuring the IPS panel have amazing aesthetics, something that conventional monitors lack.

There are many great IPS monitors in the market. This list of best IPS monitor mainly focuses on the latest as well as the the all time best.

Latest and Greatest

HP Envy 24 inch IPS Monitor

A Beauty to Behold

Price: around $410

IPS monitorThis 24 inch monitor is a thing of beauty and as the name suggests, this monitor will be the Envy of many. This particular model – the E5H53AA, is the latest of the Envy series and it features a fresh new curvy look. The screen has almost no bezel and the entire screen runs from edge to edge. 

This monitor has a glossy surface, which when coupled with IPS panel produces the most vibrant colors. Other than the beautiful aesthetics and narrow bezel, this monitor features some pretty sweet features such as Beat Audio integrated speakers and headphone jack, 10m:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and several connectivity options including VGA, HDMI, MHL and audio cable. All the wires and cables are provided. 

The front of the monitor, or the control panel, is also very neat and clean. It is not littered with buttons. There is even a scroll wheel on monitor to control the volume. 

At 300 nits, this best IPS monitor is also the brightest of the HP monitors.

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24″ | 1920×1080 | IPS-Glossy| VESA: NA | Response Rate: 7ms | 60 Hz Refresh Rate

Lenovo LI2323s 23 inch

All Rounder Monitor

Price: around $170

best alround monitorLenovo LI2323s 23 inch borderless monitor is another great IPS monitor with some of the most exquisite looks in the market as of yet. This best IPS  Monitor has one of the slimmest bezel suitable for multi-monitor display system. And at this price, this monitor is the most ideal and also one of the least expensive latest monitors. 

Other than the modern aluminium based design, its most salient feature includes the VESA mounting capability. You should note that VESA mounting, although not necessary, is much sought after feature for multi-monitor display system as many enthusiasts like to hook their monitor up onto a dedicated VESA stand.

This monitor is basically an all rounder monitor of the thin bezel category, i.e it has a great value for money, performance, aesthetics and features. This monitor would be my personal recommendation to you all.

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23″ | 1920×1080 | IPS | Ports: HDMI, DVI, VGA | VESA 75x75mm | Response Rate: 7ms

Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8 inch

Vivid Colors

Price: around $275

best IPS monitorIf you are willing to pay a little extra, you can expect some premium features from this monitor such as broadest range of color, covering 96% of sRGB. Designers and videophiles will definitely appreciate this. When you couple this with an IPS screen that has a thin bezel and edge to edge look, you can expect a great visual experience. 

Since this monitor is built for semi-professional work, it offers all the essential ergonomics features such as 90 degree rotation, height adjustment, tilt, and swivel. 

Interfacing options include, 2x HDMI (MHL), and the rare Display Port and Mini Display Port. It also features a high current USB 3.0 port for quickly charging your mobile devices.  VESA mounting is also possible. With all the above mentioned, this monitor is perhaps the most feature laden IPS monitor.

A 3 year premium panel warranty is also offered.

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23.8″ | 1920×1080 | IPS | Ports: 2x HDMI, DP, mDP, 4 USB 3.0 | VESA: 100x100mm | Response Rate: 8ms

ViewSonic VX2363smhl-w 23-Inch Screen Frameless

Affordable and Latest IPS Monitor

Price: around $160

best IPS monitorUp until last year, the most economical IPS monitor was held by Acer; however, with this monitor, Viewsonic has outmatched Acer in the price category. And the reason for this monitor being in this list is not just because of its price tag. This monitor features a Full HD IPS screen, 2x HDMI and a VGA port. Most importantly, this monitor features a frameless design as well as VESA mount capability. Acer could never match up to the 5 salient features included in this monitor namely, price tag, thin bezel, IPS, VESA mount, and multiple HDMI. Acer always had a short fall in one or another feature. With these features combined, Acer no longer has the competitive edge whatsoever except for in response time.

The story of this best IPS monitor doesn’t just end there, it features an edge-to-edge Glossy panel with glass surface, dual speakers (although not great), MHL functionality, and a comprehensive three year warranty. Yes everything comes at a price, and the price that you pay for this rather extraordinary monitor is by sacrificing the response rate. At 14ms, this monitor has an abysmal response rate. Although many will not realize the difference, enthusiasts and gamers will definitely notice.

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23″ | 1920×1080 | IPS | Ports: 2xHDMI, VGA| VESA: 100x100mm | Response Rate: 14ms

All Time Great IPS Monitor

ASUS VS239H-P 23 Inch

All Rounder + Fast Response Rate

Price: around $150

top rated IPS monitorI have chosen to list ASUS VS239H-P here among the list of Best IPS Monitor for many reasons. I understand this monitor is neither the cheapest nor the latest in the market. However, it sure is the greatest and one of the top selling IPS monitor for all time. As such this is one the of Top rated monitor on the market.

If you are looking for something that is reliable and tested by countless customers and you do not want to test something that is new then the safest option for you would be to give this monitor a try. 

It should also be noted that at 5ms, this is one of the fastest response time for an IPS screen. Therefore, if you are looking to game on IPS screen, or if you are looking for a multi-monitor display system for gaming, then again this monitor is the best option. This also has a reasonably thin bezel as well as VESA mount capability. 

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23″ | 1920×1080 | IPS | Ports: HDMI, D-Sub, DVI-D | VESA 100x100mm | Response Rate: 5ms

Acer H236HL 23 inch

Affordable IPS for Gaming

Price: around $130

top rated gaming monitorThe last on this list of Best IPS Monitor is this little beauty from Acer. The price tag and the response rate truly sets this monitor apart from the rest. In all essence, this monitor is very similar to the ASUS monitor listed above. They both are excellent monitors for gaming, they both have reasonably thin bezels and have the same amount and type of ports.

The only thing this monitor lacks is the VESA mount capability and for that reason, it is also a few dollars cheaper. Therefore, if you are looking to get the top rated IPS Monitor, it should be a choice between this and the ASUS monitor  (listed above) and the deciding factor should be whether you want VESA mount or not.

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23″ | 1920×1080 | IPS| VESA: NA |Ports: HDMI, D-Sub, DVI-D | Response Rate: 5ms



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