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best office PC monitorMonitors are essential part of any office. Not only do they enhance the work productivity, but can also add to the aesthetics of your office. Although many confuse office monitors with conventional monitors, the reality is that office monitors are monitors that have some specific features that make them suitable for an office environment. Many models of best PC monitor for office are also quite affordable. The don’t have all the non essential features that somebody in an office would not really need like extraordinary response rate. However, many high end office monitors do have full ergonomics features.

Here you will find the selection of the best office PC monitor. These monitors have been selected based upon their release date, their usefulness in an office environment and their price. Generally, if you are purchasing multiple office monitors for a small business, then you may opt for affordability rather than extraordinary functionality. In all essence, the choice of office monitors is heavily dependent on the nature of the office work. The best office monitors listed here may tickle your fancy. 

Dell Computer E-Series

Economical Best PC Monitor for Office

Best Office Monitor

When it comes to offices and monitors, the first brand that comes to mind is Dell. Dell is perhaps the most widespread brand for monitors in corporate environments. They offer simplistic design, affordable price, excellent build, and reliable performance. The E series of Dell monitor is the economical range of monitors from Dell. These best PC monitor for office have the bare minimum features that would make them suitable for any office. They do not feature HDMI port or full ergonomics features, because someone in an office will rarely have any use for the HDMI port as for the full ergonomics features such as tilt, swivel, lift and rotate, that depends totally on the nature of business. Many offices would not make use of such features often, so it is not wise to spend on something that you will rarely use.

These monitor do feature an excellent screen and 5 ms response rate. They also have VGA and DVI-D port for connectivity and VESA mount capability. The great thing about VESA mount is that if in the future you ever have the need for full ergonomics features, then you can simply hook the screen up onto a stand that has various adjustment options.

All E series monitors come with 3 years warranty


ViewSonic VA Series

office monitor

Very similar to the Dell E series in features and functionality, the ViewSonic series of monitors is worth mentioning as it has received high reviews and praise. Besides, ViewSonic is best known for its monitors and their quality. Therefore, any list of monitor without the mentioning of ViewSonic would feel incomplete

This best office monitor has offers DVI and VGA ports, VESA mount, FHD resolution and 3 years warranty. The only thing this monitor adds is the stereo speakers, while maintaining a significant difference in price on select models (as compared to the Dell E series). The speakers are a much welcome feature since they are an essential component for any monitor. If you are planning on purchasing a monitor for a small to medium sized office, then purchasing speakers separately would add further to your cost.

It is always the small things that make a huge difference in investment. Although the VA series of monitor is not as slim as the E series, the added speakers make up for the drawback.


Dell P Series

High Performance Business PC Monitor

office PC monitorDell P series are another set of monitors that have been designed specifically for high performance business environments. These monitors incorporate all of the essential features along with premium IPS screen technology to optimize the office environment.

These monitors feature environmental friendly technology that can save up on your energy bills. These best office monitor also offer extensive adjustibility options, including the option of changing the screen from landscape to portrait orientation.

These monitors are also super bright with 300 nits. Most conventional monitors can only go as far as 250 nits. Furthermore, these monitor have comprehensive tweaking options for you to set the color to desired level. 

The connectivity options on these monitors include VGA port, DisplayPort, DVI-D and USB port. Note that once again these monitors do not feature HDMI port to save cost. These monitors also include VESA mount capability. 

Like the previous E series office monitor, these office pc monitor also offer 3 years of warranty. 


HP EliteDisplay

Form, Style, Function: Best Office Monitor for Small Business.

Best PC Monitor for Office

HP really needs no introductions. Their products are known for their functionality and reliability. The HP EliteDisplay series of monitors are a notch up compared to the Dell P series. These monitor features the premium quality material for display.

These monitors, instead of using conventional IPS panel, uses AH-IPS, which not only produces great visuals and colours, but it also gives this screen the ability to put minimal strain on your eyes even after extensive usage. This is necessary for those employees or owners that spend a lot of time looking at their screen such as accountants, designers, etc. 

Other excellent feature of monitors of this series include the HP’s Display Assistant software, which is basically a management software that lets you manage documents in various regions of the screen. More multitasking means increased productivity.

The monitor also has full ergonomics features including swivel, tilt, lift, and rotate. This best PC monitor for office offers VGA, DVI and DisplayPort. 1xUSB up and 2xUSB down are included. 

The benchmarks have proven that this monitor has amazing contrast, which adds to the color quality of the advanced AH-IPS panel installed. 




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