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Some of the most common questions asked when building a PC or gaming rig revolve around RAM such as what is the best brand to go for?  How much capacity do I need and what should be the speed of the RAM?  Before you read further, you may want to know a few pointers. 

Capacity of RAM:

RAM is basically a component that is used for multitasking purposes. So to answer the question of capacity, you basically open as many applications and windows as you normally would and see in the task manager how much RAM is being utilized. If the RAM is being utilized at full capacity, you need to increase it. On the other hand, if the utilization of overall capacity of RAM is less, then don’t bother putting in more. For a gaming PC, the best capacity to start would be at 8 GB high performance DDR 3 RAM and then keep on increasing the capacity depending on your use.

Speed of RAM:

When it comes to determining the performance and speed of the RAM, you look at two basic parameters. The latency and the frequency. In terms of frequency, enthusiasts believe that the higher the RAM speed, the faster will be its performance. Although that is true to some extent, the topic is rather confusing. The frequency of a DDR 3 RAM can range from 1333 MHz to 3000 MHz. Frequency determines how often the data can be transmitted to and from the motherboard; whereas, latency determines how fast a RAM can respond to a request.

You may be surprised to hear that the frequency of the RAM has very little effect on the frame rate of a game. In fact, a 2400 MHz RAM can result in lower frames per second when compared with RAM running on 1866 MHz. This is mainly due to the reason that sometimes beyond a specific range of frequency, the latency decreases thus damaging the frames per second. Therefore, if you go for 2400 MHz or higher memory speed, you will basically be spending more money for decreased performance.

Therefore, don’t necessarily go for RAM that looks better on paper. The best RAM frequency to get is 1600 MHz as it has a good latency as well as a high frequency. You do have to pay a little extra premium for the higher speed. Higher memory than 1600 MHz is only important for mega servers and not for a PC or laptop.

The latency has many values and they all differ depending on the configuration of the RAM. Therefore, RAM specifications give you the latency data for all sorts of configuration. Each number corresponds to a different configuration and it can be read as follows: Single-Dual-Triple-Quad-Hexa channel. 

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Read on for our review of some of the best RAM modules available for your laptop or PC:

1. Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM

best RAM for gaming

These are the premium high end heat spreading series of best gaming RAM from Corsair that is optimized for Intel Core i3, i5, i7 and select AMD processors. The heat spreader doesn’t add much to the performance of RAM; however, it has the looks that can cater to the gamer and enthusiasts.

The Vengeance RAM comes in two models: the basic and the pro. The basic model is the default model with 1600 MHz base frequency in dual channel. The version is for those who care less about the gimmicks and want modules that are overclock-able such as modules on which you can install better heat radiators. The pro version of Vengeance RAM also features unprecedented up to 3200 MHz of frequency. You can adjust the clock speed of the RAM to what ever suits you best.


16 GB (2×8), 1600 MHz, 10-10-10-27, 1.5V, Limited Life Time Warranty, 240 Pin

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Price: around $146.99


16GB (2×8), 1866 MHz, 9-10-9-27, 1.5 V, DIMM,

Limited Lifetime Warranty, 240 Pin

Price: around $185

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2. Kingston HyperX Fury

Price: around $70

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There is not a very big difference between Kingston Hyper Blue and the Corsair Vengeance series. They both are DDR3 RAM series for the enthusiasts and feature overclocking abilities. The prime difference between the two RAM lies in their looks also in their rated voltage. The HyperX is rated at 1.65 V, whereas the Corsair Vengeance series (the basic version) is rated at 1.5 V.

The HyperX Fury is available in 1600 MHz can be clocked up to 1866 MHz. The decision between the two depends basically on aesthetics preference and brand loyalty. 

best RAM for gaming


3. Corsair Dominator Platinum

Price: $219.99

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The only thing separating the Corsair Dominator series from the normal Vengeance series is the aesthetics. These modules of RAM are perhaps the best looking lot out there in the market. These are expensive, yet ultra cool looking modules of RAM from Corsair than can run at frequencies as high as 2666 MHz. They are compatible with Corsair-Link for real time performance and temperature monitoring.

It has an all metal top and aluminium heat spreader. It even features LEDs. This is perhaps the best RAM for Gamers that like to customize their gaming rigs. This particular RAM comes in several different kits.

In terms of performance, well you can basically get the same kind of performance from a much cheaper RAM. This RAM is basically a niche product for a very particular group of passionate PC builders. 

best RAM for gaming

16 GB (2x8GB) 1866 MHz, Corsair Link Technology, Intel XMP 1.3, 9-10-9-27, 1.5 V, 240 Pin


4. G.Skill RipjawsX

Price: $79.95

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This is yet another highly preferred RAM by Gamers. According to customers, this RAM has no compatibility issues whatsoever. Although not very aesthetically appealing as the Corsair or HyperX, this is one of the top rated RAM 2015 for gaming. It has received almost flawless reviews. In terms of performance, there is no difference between RipjawsX and the previous 3 mentioned here. G.Skill has also broken several records when it comes to overclocking and should therefore reflect the quality of IC installed. 

This is the most highly rated brand and series of Gaming RAM. 

best RAM for gaming

8GB (2x 4GB), 2133 MHz, 11-11-11-30-2N, 1.5 V, DIMM, 240 Pin


5. Kingston Hyper X Beast

best RAM for gaming

Very similar to Corsair Dominator Platinum in function, this is one of the best RAM add ons and has a dynamic heat spreader to dissipate heat much faster and allow you perform overclocking on the RAM without having to worry about over heating. It is compatible with XMP auto-overclocking profiles. This particular model has 1866 MHz clock speed, but 2133, and 2400 MHz kits are also available if you click through.

Kingston Technology HyperX Beast Series 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 1866MHz DDR3 PC3-14900 CL10 XMP DIMM Desktop Memory 

Price: around $140

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Kingston HyperX Beast 16 GB Kit (2×8 GB) 2133MHz DDR3 PC3-17000 CL11 DIMM XMP Desktop Memory 

Price: around $250

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Kingston Technology 2400MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 DIMM XMP Kingston HyperX Beast 16GB Kit

Price:around $145

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