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Designers, Photographers, Animators and Editors all have one thing in common, they all have a very keen sense of colour and can spot the slightest of details in a graphics, photos, or a video simulations. They all realize that even a small variation in the different shades of colours can make a huge difference to the end product. The best way to achieve the perfection in their masterpieces, is to make the best choice from the best range of Professional Monitors.

The Best Professional Monitor comes in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have a few central features that sets them apart from the other types of monitors. So what are the salient features of a Professional Monitor?

For starters they include the best quality panels such as AH-IPS. IPS technology has many versions. Some are built for low end monitors, while other such as AH-IPS are the premium quality and featured in professional monitors. Furthermore, they feature QHD resolution or 2560×1440 pixels. The more pixels on screen the better control you have over what you design. Besides, a QHD screen can provide a huge amount of real estate for you to multi-task on. Last but certainly not least, these professional monitors offer 99% – 100% coverage of Adobe Colour Gamut and have a higher than 8 bit depth. They are also very bright (around 300-350 nits), have many connectivity options, full ergonomics features (tilt, lift, swivel, rotate), and various features to help you with the multitasking experience. Another common attribute of the best professional monitors is that they are significantly more expensive than conventional monitors. However, if you are a professional designers or photographer, then the best professional monitor is your tool of the trade.

ASUS ProArt PQ279Q 27″

Top of the Line Professional Monitor by ASUS

Price: around $900

best professional monitorThis is the latest flagship monitor of ASUS built and designed for professionals. Like most, if not all of the best professional monitors, this monitor features a QHD resolution and an Advanced High Performance IPS or AH-IPS panel. This monitor has perfect pixel performance, which means that no pixelation can be noticed even while sitting very close to it. This monitor also cover 99% of the adobe colour gamut with error or Delta of less than 2.

What really sets this monitor apart is that it incorporates both Adobe RGB and sRGB modes. The biggest different between the two is that Adobe RGB colour mode is useful only for editing and designing jobs, it does not perform well with conventional tasks such as playing games or watching movies.

Furthermore, the LED technology utilized to light up the pixels is also quite unique. Whereas the conventional monitor utilize White-LED, this panel utilizes the more expensive Green-Blue diodes covered with red phosphorus LEDs (GB-r-LED). As a result the spectral level of the three primary colour are even.

This monitor also has full ergonomics features and an intuitive control buttons with joystick for navigation on the OSD. A pending patent OSD technology which the ASUS calls ‘QuickFit’ in this monitors pops up an overlay of grids over screen image so that you may print your desired size Photos such as passport size, 2×2, 8×10 easily.

With a response time of 6 ms, you can enjoy almost all of your intense motion induced entertainment such as gaming without any significant ghosting effect.

With a plethora of tweaking and connectivity options, this is among the best professional PC monitor 2016 for photographers as well as for those looking to have casual entertainment every now and then.

Ports included: Display Port, Daisy-Chain Display Port Out, HDMI, Dual LINK DVI, 6x USB 3.0, 9in-1 card Reader. 

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27″ | 2560×1440 | AH-IPS| Color Depth: 10 bit | Response Rate: 6ms | VESA: 100x100mm

ViewSonic VP2772

Best Professional Monitor for Photographers

Price: around $900

professional monitorThis monitor builds up on the previously famous ViewSonic VP2770 Monitor. The previous, although a very famous one, had a limited colour gamut. This latest monitor resolves that issue by featuring the widest possible range of colour. Professional monitors all feature panels that can render 10bit colour gamut. This monitor further adds 12 bit processing state and then further aggregates it with 14 bit look-up table. The result you get is nothing less than perfect colour reproduction with seamless colour gradations.

The connectivity options in this one of the best professional monitor 2015 include DVI, Display Port: 1 standard, 1 mini and 1 out with Daisy Chain, 1x HDMI 1.4, 1x headphone, USB 3.0: 1xup 4 x down. This monitor, like the previous monitor, does not feature a VGA port. Unfortunately, it does not include a media card reader.

Like the previous monitor, this monitor also include the GB-r-LED to perfectly maintain the spectral levels of three primary colors. 

To put it in simple words – for still image editing or graphics designing, this is an excellent monitor. This display stand out from the rest in terms of smoothness of the graphics. 

This monitor, like the previous monitor, can render both sRGB and Adobe RGB with less than 2 delta.

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27″ | 2560×1440 | AH-IPS| Color Depth: 14 bit (after processing)| Response Rate: 12ms | VESA: 100x100mm

LG Perfect Pixel 27EA83

Latest and Greatest Professional PC Monitor

Price: around $1,340.00

processional pc monitorIf you are looking for the latest and best professional monitor on the market with high quality build then this is a good option. This monitor, like the two high end monitors listed above, features all the essentials such as QHD resoultion, AH-IPS panels etc.

What truly sets this monitor apart from the rest is that during benchmarking, this is one of the few that lives up to its word of offering 100% sRGB as well as Adobe RGB color gamut. This is a great monitor for video editing and media creation jobs thanks to its fast response times.

Features include: 4-screen split, Dual Link Up, factory calibration.along with ports such as DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort.

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27″ | 2560×1440 | AH-IPS| Color Depth: 10 bit | Response Rate: 5ms | VESA: 100x100mm

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Dell U3014 UltraSharp

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Planar PXL2790MW



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