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Do you need a large monitor to complement your laptop?  Do you want a second screen to go with your primary monitor?  Well you should have a look at these excellent thin bezel monitors as a welcome addition to your computing experience!  The smaller or thinner the bezel, the better the appearance of the screen, and also the more space is used for your viewing pleasure! A thin bezel for monitors is an essential component for a good multi monitors display screen. Larger bezels in the middle of two screens significantly impair the continuity and the flow of visuals. Besides that, thin bezel monitors also add tremendously to the aesthetics of your overall system or rig. But like all goods things, you have to pay a little premium for the design and form factor of these monitors.  However, if quality visual experience is your utmost priority, then paying a little extra won’t hurt. After all, you don’t buy monitors everyday!

Anyhow, this list contains the latest Thin Bezel Monitors that will be making their way into 2018.

The Best Thin Bezel Monitor has been selected based not only upon the ‘frameless-ness’, but also upon the release date. It should be noted that some of the monitors are a little older but still worth considering.

So without further ado, let us unveil the latest and best thin Bezel Monitor.  

Lenovo LI2323s 23-Inch Screen Frameless

Latest and Best Thin Bezel Monitor

Price: $169.99

Best Thin Bezel MonitorFirst up is my personal favourite Lenovo LI2323s 23 inch borderless monitor with some of the most exquisite looks in the market as of yet. This Best thin Bezel Monitor is the most ideal and also one of the least expensive monitors in the market for the grab. 

Other than the modern aluminium based design, its most salient features include an IPS panel screen with FHD resolution and VESA mounting capability. You should also note that VESA mounting, although not necessary, is much sought after feature for multi-monitor display system as many enthusiasts like to hook their monitor up onto a dedicated VESA stands.

This monitor is basically an all rounder monitor of the thin bezel category, i.e it has a great value for money, performance, aesthetics and features. This monitor would be my personal recommendation to you all.

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23″ | 1920×1080 | IPS | Ports: HDMI, DVI, VGA | VESA 75x75mm | Response Rate: 7ms

BenQ EW EW2440L 24 inch LED Monitor

Best Thin Bezel Monitor Built for Gaming

Price: $219.99

thin bezel monitorBenQ has pretty much been synonymous with the widest range of monitors for gaming. This monitor hails from the same breed, but at the same time has a touch of subtlety. Thus, this monitor is a gaming monitor, but with the looks that can appeal to everyone and not just gamers.

Other than the thin bezel, this monitor has a few great features up its sleeves. It includes exclusive features such as Smart Focus, which focusses on a specific part concealing the rest and some other picture engines that greatly improve the pixel performance of the screen

This monitor does not feature an IPS screen and therefore has a much better response rate, which is ideal for gaming. One great drawback of this otherwise awesome best thin bezel monitor, is that it does not feature VESA mount capability

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24″ | 1920×1080 | TN| Ports: 2xHDMI, DVI, D-Sub| VESA: NA | Response Rate: 4ms

ViewSonic VX2363smhl-w 23-Inch Screen Frameless

Budget Thin Bezel Monitor

Price: $159.99

frameless monitorUp until last year, the position of economical thin bezel monitor was held by Acer; however, with this monitor, Viewsonic has outmatched Acer in the price category. And the reason for this monitor being in this list is not just because of its price tag. 

This monitor features a Full HD screen, 2x HDMI and VGA port. Most importantly, this monitor features an IPS panel as well as VESA mount capability. With these features combined, Acer no longer has the competitive edge whatsoever. 

The story of this best thin bezel monitor doesn’t just end there, it features an edge-to-edge Glossy panel with glass surface, dual speaker (although not great), MHL functionality, and a comprehensive three year warranty. 

Yes everything comes at a price, and the price that you pay for this rather extraordinary monitor is by sacrificing the response rate. At 14ms, this monitor has an abysmal response rate. Although many will not realize the difference, enthusiasts and gamers will definitely notice. 

So is there a monitor that is cheap, has a thin bezel AND can game? Yes as a matter of fact there is, READ ON. 

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23″ | 1920×1080 | IPS | Ports: 2xHDMI, VGA| VESA: 100x100mm | Response Rate: 14ms

Acer H236HL bid 23-Inch

Affordable Thin Bezel Monitor for Gaming

Price: $130.99

affordable thin bezel monitorWhile the previous thin bezel Viewsonic Monitor listed is affordable, has an IPS screen, 2 HDMI ports and VESA mount, it suffers from a bad response time. Hence, the Viewsonic was not highly rated as a monitor  for gaming. To improve on the shortfalls of the previous screen, Acer H236HL is the best in the market in terms of responsiveness, high resolution, and wait for it – borderless viewing with the magnificent zero frame design!

This ultra option thin bezel monitor features a 23 inch FHD screen along with IPS screen and many connectivity options such as VGA, DVI, and HDMI. Most importantly, it has a response rate of 5ms, which ideal for gaming. Therefore, if you tight on budget and are looking to build a ‘gaming grade’ multi monitor display system, then your best bet is this monitor.

So while this monitor basically has no border on your viewing pleasure, well YES, there is catch, there is always a catch. This monitor does not have VESA mount capability.  And yes life is not fair. There is always a trade off.

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23″ | 1920×1080 | IPS| Ports: HDMI, DVI, VGA| VESA: NA | Response Rate: 5ms



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  1. Truzo

    Mar 01. 2015

    I only see one monitor with (very) thin bezels though. I personally want no bezel because I want a 3-monitor set-up, and I think, if you use all 3 screens to play games, the bezel is annoying, so I think that BenQ is the best for that 🙂 I saw an LG released in 2012 with bezel as thin as that BenQ, but I can’t find the official poduct page on LG’s website.

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    • PC & Laptop Review

      Apr 30. 2016

      I agree tristan – it is difficult to find a monitor with “no bezel”.
      Have you seen the latest releases of curved monitors? They can really enhance your immersion in you game!

      Happy gaming!

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