Best Toshiba Laptops of the Year

We’ve researched some of the best Toshiba laptops of the year, that have been released on the market right now and checked other reviews to add to our own, so that we can give you the shortest and sweetest options to choose from. We found options to suit students on a budget, commuters on the go, work from home telecommuters, or high end gamers, there is a Toshiba Laptop to suit everyone!

The Toshiba Tecra W50-A1501

Best Toshiba Laptops of the Year


The Toshiba Tecra W50-A1501 is the flagship of the Toshiba range –

Price upwards of $2000.00. If you are a professional minded person, then nothing would suit you better than a professional workstation grade laptop such as the Tecra laptop from Toshiba. Workstation grade laptops are laptops that feature professional level hardware such as extremely fast processors. In fact, this Toshiba flagship features a high performance Intel Core i7-4800MQ quad core processor that has a base clock speed of 2.7 GHz and can boost itself up to 3.7 GHz for short bursts of power. Don’t overlook this opportunity, as this processor is not usually found in your average professional laptop. This recommended laptop for 2015 professionals also features 16 GB of high performance RAM as well as 500 GB of HDD that has a top speed of 7200 rpm, which is faster than the conventional HDD. This package comes with Windows 8.1 and you do get the option of backwards loading the Operating System to Window 7, according to your personal preference. But with this exceptional horsepower, you need to remember that this is not a light and easy laptop to carry around on your daily commute.

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Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7304

best toshiba laptops of the year

If you are looking for a large screen laptop that can be used as a semi-workstation machine then the Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7304 will interest you. Large 17.3” laptops are not the most mobile systems, but they are certainly more comfortable to work on. This laptop features 4 GB of DDR 3 RAM and 1 TB of Hard Disc Drive – nice! Note that the 1 TB capacity Hard Drive is out of the ordinary for budget laptops and it is more usual for laptops of this price category feature only 500 GB of HDD. In addition to that, the screen resolution is 1600×900 (HD+) instead of conventional HD resolution. The benefit of higher resolution is that it gives you more real estate to work on. We always find this feature is essential for multitasking and for research and report writing purposes. The Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7304 is driven by an AMD system instead of an Intel. The AMD Quad Core A6-6310 processor is similar to the Core i3-4010U processor. Therefore, for less than $400, you are getting yourself a very decent processor that has capacity to perform a number of multitasking and demanding jobs. All in all, the Toshiba Satellite C75D-B7304 is an excellent semi-workstation grade laptop. It is not a full-fledged workstation laptop as it does not have a very powerful processor and a dedicated graphic card. However, for its price of $360.53, it has an excellent hardware configuration that should give you a lag free experience on basic software. I would recommend this laptop for office and home use, however, it may not be the most suitable laptop for traveling due to its size and weight.


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Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357

Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357

Whilst we are looking at the best Toshiba laptops of the Year, we just couldn’t go past the Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357.  The most important feature of this laptop being the super powerful Intel Core i7-4510U processor.  Now this processor is not the fastest processor in the market, but it is the best suited for a laptop of this design and layout.  What truly provides this machine with its power is the connectivity between the processor, graphics, memory and hard drive.  As well as what is on the inside,  one glance at the outstanding decor, and you will love it. This laptop has a very captivating appearance. It also one of the slimmest 15.6 inch Toshiba laptops of the year.

Furthermore, the Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357 offers a very useful 8 GB of RAM as well as 1 TB of HDD capacity. Now this not something new for a laptop of this category, but this package is very well put together, and how often do you find those components featured in a laptop at this price?

I personally recommend this laptop to those who are looking for a very capable multimedia laptop that will allow you to run as many tasks as you like. Students will quickly realize the convenience of this laptop, and commuters will love being able to take this machine to school or the office or wherever you need to go.  I highly recommend this machine as a versatile laptop that is very portable, come with great hardware and a cheap price point that is makes it one of the best Toshiba laptops of the year.

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