DELL Alienware 14 ALW14-1250sLV Gaming Laptop Review

DELL Alienware 14 ALW14 1250sLV

Thank you for choosing the DELL Alienware 14 ALW14 1250sLV 14-Inch Gaming Laptop.
Gaming Laptop?

Sure – in any discussion of the best laptops for high performance gaming, Alienware has to be considered as the very top of the range.

Alienware is famous for making the most high performing laptops in the world. Alienware is a Dell brand devoted to gaming machines (it hasn’t always been a Dell brand – Alienware was purchased by Dell back in 2006).  These laptops are aimed squarely at the most serious gamers.  Any gamer worth their joystick will know what Alienware is.  If that is where you want to be – then read a bit further.
Alienware laptops come with a price tag commensurate with the level of grunt.  They are not aimed at the budget market.  But as you read on, you’ll come to understand the features and benefits of these magnificent laptops that are worthy of a high price tag.


Why choose DELL Alienware 14 ALW14

The reason they are worth considering as the laptop for your home games studio is simply due to their incredible processing power.  They really are the laptops with the high end components and performance.

If you are interested in the available options, there is a version of the Alienware 14 with the Intel Core i7 2630QM Processor 2GHz, but honestly, the i5 stacks up just fine.  When it comes to gaming, the processor is the most important part of the computer. The better the processor the more your system can do, and the faster it will run it. Get the fastest processor you can get, but if you’re trading off price for power, get the i5 – it will do the job.

Experienced gamers will tell you that you won’t need more than 8Gb RAM. 16Gb is good, but not needed. From someone who knows and has 16Gb RAM and has never even gotten close to maxing out the RAM. Using too many plugins can overload the system, but never has RAM ever been an issue. Knowing this in hindsight, it’s recommended to spend less on RAM and buy an i7 instead of an i5 – if you want to spend the money.

Features of the DELL Alienware 14 ALW14

Computing Power:  If you want a laptop that can run any number of apps, games or multi media, then this is definitely the pick of the bunch.  We have no hesitation recommending the DELL Alienware 14 ALW14-1250sLV for anyone looking for a serious computer.  Whether it’s gaming, video production, photo editing or just no-nonsense computing, you won’t be disappointed.

Design Features:  Alienware traditionally used all-aluminum in their chassis design. Although things have changed recently, this particular Alienware 14 uses magnesium alloy and aluminum where needed, and other ergonomic materials in other places – such as a soft-touch finish on the palm rest.  A steel plate is used under the keyboard for stability and copper heat sinks are used inside to provide sufficient cooling for the processor.  Some high powered technology is used in this design!  All this adds to the weight and the general acceptance that the DELL Alienware 14 ALW14-1250sLV is not as small as other devices in the ‘ultraportable’ market.  It’s not designed to be as portable as other machines.

Long Life:  I would say the best feature of these machines is that are designed to last a long life time.  Yes they are built to last.  To provide the increased power and grunt needed to make this machine the best of the bunch, as it is means the hardware design is more complex and chunkier than it other laptops – and other machines are generally more portable.  At more than 3 kg, the Alienware 14 weighs nearly twice as much as other portable laptops, but its massive power is way more beneficial and the added disk space and included DVD ROM mean it is way ahead of the game.  The competition may be lighter (and cheaper) but most are just do not have the computing power to run modern video games or video editing software.

Other 14-inch laptops are generally thin and lightweight so the Alienware 14 looks quite solid in comparison – it’s 40mm thick and looks as thick as probably two lightweights would stacked one on the other. You can definitely feel the quality in this laptop, and it is built to last.

All in all, the materials, the size the weight and the futuristic, angular design just shout out high quality and prestige.  If you want this machine, you’ll wear the cost and extra weight with pride, and be the envy of your friends for a long time to come.

Battery Life:  This is an interesting subject – battery life will depend entirely on what you are running and how hard you are running it.  Treat the battery well, operate as recommended and plug in when you’re able.  It probably pays to always know where your nearest recharge point is, and always stay close to it!

Summary of the DELL Alienware 14 ALW14

Like the rest of the range, the DELL Alienware 14 ALW14-1250sLV is a very recognisable appearance – sleek exterior, glowing keyboard lights, angular design and the alien face logo on the top which also lights up, this beast is alive!

The lights are special and different, the screen is crystal clear, and the keyboard is very fast. Gamers will love that it looks so amazing in the dark – the design is so distinct and the fact that the lighting is totally adjustable is a winner.

Previous users of the Alienware brand are astounded that it has performed beyond what they wanted and it has easily exceeded their expectations.  For most, it’s the best computer they’ve ever owned and they are more than happy to have spent the money.  Even non gamers agree, who just wanted the computing power for everyday use or work.

So if you’re dead serious about your high end laptop performance, then one of the best laptops on the market is the DELL Alienware ALW14.  Get Yours Now!


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