Dell Alienware M14x AM14XR2-6671BK Review

Dell Alienware M14

Welcome to DELL Alienware M14xR2

This machine is the latest offering from the makers of the finest gaming laptops.  The Alienware M14xR2-6671BK is a fierce competitor amongst the worst best laptops that are engineered for gamers and especially those who like to take their machine wherever they want to go. Although it comes in a compact 14 inch laptop it still offers very powerful gaming performance and the usual Alienware brand appearance.

DELL now offer this exceptional Alienware notebook and of course it meets the usual high standards.  Between the range of the compact machines and the flagship Alienware beasts, the Alienware M14xR2-6671BK lacks nothing in terms of power and performance.  It is powered by a 4th generation Intel Core i7-3630QM processor, which is well matched with 12 GB DDR3 RAM and a 7560 GB Hard Drive.  All of this complemented by a NVIDIA GeForce 650M video graphics card with 2GB GDDR5 cache – this is a slick performer!

DELL Alienware M14xR2 – engineered by DELL!

Don’t forget – this is a machine made from the latest technology aircraft materials.  Designed with fantastic features like alloy frame, protective casing, and internal copper heat sinks to aid with cooling, this machine is built to last!  What you may say – but yes, this is a laptop built to last way beyond your normal design life and will give you many years of gaming pleasure.  Add to that a high-performance CPU and breath-taking graphics, the Alienware M14x is designed to give you an awesome real-time performance which ever way you look at it!

Oh YES – don’t forget about this ultra clear display that we have come to love from Alienware:  You will absolutely love the IPS Liquid Crystal Display technology on a multi purpose 14 inch screen that offers incredible clear colors and sharp clarity whether in dim or bright ambient lighting.  Plus you get awesome audio with Creative Sound Blaster Recon3Di with THX TruStudio Pro Software – this one has everything!

As we come to expect from Alienware, it comes pre-loaded with latest technology software to enhance your user experience.  Along with the best Intel Core processor, you are guaranteed to get the maximum benefit out of this machine.  As with any Alienware platform, you are guaranteed the highest performance gaming available, which is perfect to let your imagination go wild with faster loading times, multi tasking core threads and energy efficient power modes that let you play for longer.  The lithium ion battery provides ample battery life, but you may want to switch over to power saving mode just in case you get too busy to notice – don’t want to suffer a power wipe out!

This  notebook is engineered for excellence with the classic alienware appearance which follows the design of the other Alienware machines.  The Alienware M14xR2 is pretty light for such a high powered device at a little over two kilograms.  A height of 2.8 centimeters is quite decent as well, so it shouldn’t be a problem in terms of portability.
As already described, the Alienware M14xR2 is equipped with a Full HD display, at the perfect resolution for this size. You have to decide for yourself whether 14 inches is sufficient for your needs and preferences – but I would say YES!  Dell offers fantastic viewing technology to provide wide viewing angles and the best colors available.  Otherwise, this machine is very well connected offering 3 USB ports and a Display Port, along with a super optical DVD drive.  It runs beautifully off either wireless connection or Ethernet cable and supports Bluetooth 4.0 capability.

Summary of the Alienware M14x AM14XR2

The Alienware M14x AM14XR2-6671BK offers a thrilling and potent combination of power and portability and a top-notch visual design in a solid and attractive package. This laptop will especially appeal to those who want a high end computer that is not too big but packs a powerful punch in terms of speed, memory, and graphics.  You owe it to yourself to check out this latest offering from Alienware – the Dell Alienware M14xR2.  Immerse yourself with better graphics than ever before, increase your performance and better your previous best.  You know what they say – sharpen your tools to achieve your ultimate performance with the Dell Alienware M14xR2.

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