Dell i7347-10051sLV Review

Dell i7347-10051sLV Review 2


Price: around $670

The Dell i7347-10051sLV is one of the latest 13.3″ hybrid laptops from Dell that features some very powerful hardware. This laptop is basically a multimedia laptop within the guise of a convertible laptop. It is classy, elegant, and has an excellent price point. So what makes this laptop so interesting?

Hardware: Convertible (Hinge), 13.3″ FHD Touch, Core i5-4210U, 8 GB DDR 3, 500 GB Hybrid (8GB NAND), Windows 8.1

Dell laptops are out there setting a completely new standard for laptops and they are very competitive. This particular price category for laptops was reserved mostly for mid end multimedia laptops. These laptops boasted a fairly powerful processor and ample amount of RAM, a standard HD screen and a standard 500 GB of HDD. That was the norm for mid end multimedia laptops not so long ago.

Enter the age of convertible laptops. Laptops such as Dell i7347-10051sLV are increasingly becoming popular due to several reasons. Take this laptop as an example. For less than $800, this notebook not only offers a powerful processor i.e the Core i5-4210U,  ample RAM i.e 8 GB but goes beyond by offering a Touchscreen with FHD resolution. In addition to that, it includes 500 GB hybrid drive with 8 GB NAND Flash drive. On top of all this, this laptop is hinge rotate type convertible laptop meaning it can rotate its screen over the keyboard to act like a Tablet. Trust me, a configuration like this was not even possible a year or two ago.

The laptop speaks of quality from all corners. For starters instead of a normal plastic exterior, the Dell i7347-10051sLV offers a rubberized plastic surface that is easy to grip. This is essential, especially when you are using this laptop as a Tablet. This proves how thoughtful and functional the Dell laptops are. Had this laptop been made out of slippery plastic material, you might have an accident whilst handling it.

Now the hardware in this laptop is not the most powerful of the multimedia laptops, but it most certainly goes toe-to-toe with some of the multimedia laptops of this price range. All the while offering what conventional laptops do not – the ability to be used as a Tablet. When comparing with conventional tablets, this laptop is light years ahead in performance. You can expect this laptop to perform well with demanding software such as editing or designing. It cannot game though. By that I mean this laptop cannot operate the latest AAA titles. As for the games available on the Windows 8.1 app market or the good old browser based games, they will be a walk in the park for this machine.

The Dell i7347-10051sLV also offers 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 1 x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, SD card reader, Wifi, bluetooth and YES the keyboard IS backlit. Try to find a backlit keyboard elsewhere on conventional mid end multimedia laptops. This laptop does not include an optical drive. In addition to that, you would also like the fact that you can use this notebook in 2 other modes i,e as a tent and as a stand, depending on how you use the rotating hinge.

All in all, the Dell i7347-10051sLV is a convertible laptop with more features than the conventional multimedia laptops of the same price range. It offers almost the same hardware, but above all it includes premium features as well such as its ability to be used in four modes (tent, stand, tablet, laptop), backlit keyboard, FHD resolution. The only differentiating factor is its small screen size. If you think you can work comfortably on 13.3″, then this can become a great laptop for everyday work and more.

If you are looking for a cheaper model of this laptop series, then perhaps Dell Inspiron i7347-50sLVz will interest you



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