Dell i7348 3286SLV Review

Wow – look at the Dell i7348 3286SLV

Are you looking for a small portable laptop to suit your mobile lifestyle? The Dell I7348 3286SLV may just be what you need, with a 13 inch screen it is a great choice for users on the go. If you are interested in what this fantastic laptop from Dell has to offer, then let’s look a bit closer at this latest Dell laptop and see what it offers you and how it goes against the competition.

The Dell I7348 3286SLV is very versatile!

When it comes to portability Dell is up to its usual high standards with the Dell I7348 3286SLV model and has made it a great companion if you are a busy and mobile type of person. With a smaller 13 inch LED touch screen Dell have been able to keep this device under 4 pounds and to go along with the light weight it is a very slim 0.75 inches.  If you haven’t tried out the latest touchscreen technology, you should.  If you already have, you will love this little beauty!

Dell Inspiron I7348 3286SLV reviewJust because it has a small design doesn’t mean that Dell was able to pack in some goodies as well. Starting with performance the Intel Core i5 offers plenty while the turbo boost technology allows it to reach speeds of 2.7 Ghz. To back up this processor Dell has also put in 8 GB of memory which should allow users to easily multi-task without lacking any performance.

Like many small and portable device storage capacity is limited. Unlike many full sized laptops which provide up to 1 TB of storage the Dell I7348 3286SLV is limited to a smaller 500 GB hard drive. Not sure about you, but this is still a lot of data.  One of the ways Dell has been able to keep this model so light and slim is by removing the big and bulky optical drive. For those that have moved on from physical media this is no big deal but for others this may be an issue.

But all in all, this machine may be small, but it is packed with power, and actually fits in a lot of additional features, despite the small and neat package.  For example, if you need lots of extra storage space, then you just can’t beat that hard drive, and for power output, the Intel i5 processor is right up there, even if it doesn’t have the raw power of an i7 processor, it will keep you powering along.  the simple fact is, if you need versatility and portability over and above brute force, then this neat little machine will give you more than enough.  And when you need to travel, simple slide it into your bag, and you can take all that power and versatility with you, with nearly as much versatility as a tablet.

In Summary – the Dell I7348 3286SLV

If portability is high on your list of needs the Dell I7348- 3286SLV should have you well covered by providing a lightweight design while still packing in more power then you will find in many lower end full sized models. For those on the go I strongly recommend this laptop for your next purchase.

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