Dell Inspiron i3531-3725BK Review

Dell Inspiron i3531-3725BK



The Dell Inspiron i3531-3725BK is your typical run of the mill budget laptop designed for the most essential of tasks. It is very well priced and has a fairly powerful system which can handle most of the tasks you might want to do, and a bit more as well.  In fact, at the listed price, this may well be one of the best laptop deals around!

Hardware: 15.6″ HD, Intel Celeron N2830, 4 GB DDR 3, 500 GB HDD, No Optical Drive

If you are looking for a laptop to provide just the right hardware to keep you entertained and help you out in daily work, then this is a great value laptop. Students and office employees will greatly appreciate what this laptop provides. There is nothing too flamboyant or gimmicky about this notebook. It just delivers what it promises at the right price.

If you are going to buy this laptop thinking that you would run larger applications or graphics intensive tasks, then you may feel a little let down, but hey, its not a free laptop! Although this laptop offers higher than entry level features, it is primarily built for tasks such as writing reports, researching, browsing or running some casual entertainment type software. Having said that, you can expect it to run editing and designing software, but I would have my fingers crossed.

One of the biggest delights of the Dell Inspiron i3531-3725BK is that it features a very light and thin design. This laptop measures a mere 1-inch thickness and weighs only about 4.6 pounds. This is among the lightest and thinnest laptops in the 15.6″ budget laptop category, and probably better than most walmart laptops. Students would surely find this aspect attractive. The lighter the laptop, the easier it is to carry around campus. 

This laptop is powered by the Intel Celeron N2830 Processor.  This is a dual core processor slightly less powerful than the Pentium N3530. This basically means that it can perform exceptionally well in light scenarios.  Where  Atom processor still show lags in performance, the Celeron N2830 can provide a seamless experience.

This laptop is operated on Windows 8.1 Operating System (OS).  I understand that this is not the most desired OS in the market, but I assure once you get used to it, there is not so much of a problem. The greatest aspect about this OS is that it features the smartphone OS as well, meaning you can install all kinds of apps from the Apps Market. This gives you a lot of versatility. 

Other hardware features include, 4 GB DDR 3 RAM and 500 GB HDD, which are quite standard for laptops of this price range.  It also comes with a HDMI port, and SD card reader is included along with WiFi.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Dell Inspiron i3531-3725BK is that it does not feature a USB 3.0 port.  Although it has 2xUSB 2.0 ports, the exclusion of 3.0 port, in my opinion is a big disappointment. Furthermore, it does not offer an optical drive either, even though there is a bay for it.

If you are not tech savy and are looking a machine that is simple and affordable, then you will find this laptop to be a great value machine, and will provide you with a real work horse that is sure to keep you productive.



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