Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK Desktop Review

Welcome to the Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK Desktop

The Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK desktop computer offers fantastic performance for a machine in such an attractive price range (ie well below $1000).  It has more than enough performance to easily run your multi media tasks such as video and photo editing, high end gaming fun, you can watch HD movies, as well as all of the more usual computing applications, and the best part is you can do all of it at the same time!  It comes equipped with a massive 2 TB of hard drive storage, ample on board memory, and a brand new Intel processor.  Sounds ok so far?  Then let’s look a little closer.


What Drives the Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK Desktop

The Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK desktop computer runs on a 4th generation Intel Core i5-4460 processor along with a 6MB cache.  Put that little package up with Dell’s smart four-way processing technology, integrated Intel HD graphics, and let it all run at speeds of up 3.4 GHz thanks to the Dell Turbo Boost Technology, and you have a high speed machine that can handle almost everything you can throw at it.  Built for multi tasking, the Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK allows you to easily run multiple programs simultaneously, and it is paired with a dual channel 12GB of DDR3 RAM which provides users with a seamless multitasking experience and a reliable performance without any of the lag and delay common with some other desktops.  This Dell Inspiron desktop is fitted with an massive 2TB hard drive storage disc which runs at 7200 rpm which means it gives you faster disc read / write times and has enough storage space for huge amounts of application software, movies, music and games. The desktop is operated through the latest Windows 10 Operating System for 64 bit computing technology.

The Dell Inspiron I3847-6934BK weighs in at under 8 kg and is will compliment your study, office or man pad, with its sleek and smooth black features.  The desktop has a variety of media and connection ports built-in such as an 8-in-1 media reader and four USB ports.  So it is no problem to connect to your other devices with convenient accessibility and plenty of ports.  You can link up your camera or TV to or as many accessories as you liker, or even charge devices through the multiple USB ports.  You’ll also get USB 3.0, standard WiFi, and Bluetooth, just to ensure you have the best connectivity with the outside world.

Summary of the Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK Desktop

The Dell Inspiron I3847-6934BK is a very capable desktop computer that surprises any one who has used one with it latest technology features that come as standard.  This machine is very powerful and responsive with fantastic processing speed, great graphics and massive storage space.  Coming in at under the $1000 price range, this machine offers users a reliable and powerful experience which would be suitable for any tech savvy individual or high intensity person looking to push their machine to the limits.

If you would like to explore other Dell options to up scale this machine a little further, then take a peek at the next model in the Dell Inspiron range, the mighty Inspiron i3847 with Flagship specifications.

But I highly recommend you have a look at the Dell Inspiron I3847 6934BK desktop.

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