Dell Inspiron i3847 Flagship Professional desktop review

Dell Inspiron i3847 Flagship Desktop

If you would like to explore another Dell option to scale up your computing horsepower a notch higher, then take a peek at the next model in the Dell range, the mighty Dell Inspiron i3847 with Flagship specifications.

The Dell Inspiron I3847 Flagship Professional desktop lifts the performance rating another notch up the scale, but amazingly, this machine is still available for a very attractive price range coming in at under the $1000 bracket.  It has processing power to amaze and impress the user, and you will easily be able to run your multi media tasks such as video and photo editing, high end gaming fun, you can watch HD movies, as well as all of the more usual computing applications.  It comes equipped with a massive 2 TB of hard drive storage, heaps of on board memory, and a very fast Intel i7 processor.

The Power of the Dell Inspiron i3847 Flagship Desktop

The Dell Inspiron I3847 Flagship achieves this incredible power rating using the latest generation Intel Quad Core i7-4790 processor along with 8 MB of cache and can power along at 3.6GHz bursting up to 4.0GHz Turbo Frequency.  On top of that heavy duty processor, it has an integrated Intel HD graphics co-processor paired with a dual channel 16GB of DDR3 RAM which provides users with a seamless multitasking experience and a high speed performance with no discernible lag or delays.  This Dell Inspiron flagship is fitted with an massive 2TB hard drive storage disc which runs at 7200 rpm which means it gives you faster disc read / write times, which once again integrates seamlessly into the best user experience.  It also has enough storage space for huge amounts of application software, movies, music and games.  Interestingly, and as a point of difference from other machines on the market, this desktop is fitted with Windows 7 Professional Operating System for 64 bit computing technology.

The Dell Inspiron I3847 flagship weighs in at around 11 kg so it is no featherweight, but what do you expect when you purchase all that additional processing performance.  As long as you have a safe and comfortable place to put this beast, you will not be let down by the high performance grunt it provides.  The desktop has a plethora of media and connection ports built-in such as the very handy USB ports.  So it is no problem to connect to your other devices with convenience and speed and plenty of USB ports, HDMI graphics port, VGA, WiFi, don’t forget the Bluetooth and even more.

Summary: Dell Inspiron i3847 Flagship Desktop

Not that you would really need any more, but hey – you can if you want to.  That is how Dell promote the Inspiron I3847 flagship – lots of performance features, and able to be upgraded further as you need.
Dell are very flexible in terms of expansion, but there is no compromise on power available right now.  Dell make it easy for you to expand this machine whenever you like.  You will never run out of space with such large hard drives and the option to add more later.  This machine has been built for the biggest and most powerful player.  Ramp up your own performance with the most up to date Intel processors that are available right now.  With the Dell I3847, you can run as many programs all at once, including video editing, listening to music or streaming a movie – whatever you would like to do.

The best part is you can do all of it at the same time!

I highly recommend you take a closer look at the Dell Inspiron I3847 Flagship Professional Desktop computer.

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