Dell Inspiron i5558 8574SLV laptop review

Welcome to the Dell Inspiron i5558 8574SLV

Lately we have reviewed some high powered laptops by other manufacturers, and we thought it was only fair to show you some of the options for alternative models that were designed with performance in mind. Today we look at a very powerful 15.6 inch Dell machine – the Dell Inspiron i5558-8574SLV laptop.  This superb machine packs quite a punch but as it is a standard sized 15 inch machine, it makes a better option for those who still need something on the lighter and more portable than one of those huge power house computers.

When it comes to horse power the Dell Inspiron i5558 8574SLV laptop is certainly no slouch, and will keep you more than satisfied for processing power.  It is a very nice performer due to the very speedy Intel Core i7-5550U processor which fairly zips along at 2.4 GHz.  Although the processor is coupled with an integrated Intel HD graphics co-processor, the unit is helped along with a very healthy 16 GB DDR3L SDRAM memory.  This outfit will provide more than enough processing horsepower no matter what you decide to throw at it.  This machine is very impressive, and even if you wanted to use it for gaming you should easily have the power requirements for most applications.

Dell has you are covered for storage space with a whopping 1 TB of hard drive.  The Dell Inspiron i5558-8574SLV will always have enough space for your games, documents, movies or music tracks.

What do you get with the Dell Inspiron i5558 8574SLV

Microsoft provides the latest in touch screen software technology with Windows 10 and this laptop is pre-loaded and ready to switch on and go straight to work or play.  It also comes with quality audio performance – whether you’re listening to music, streaming a movie or talking to your friends, the built in Dell Waves MaxxAudio provides outstanding audio performance with all the lowest lows, as well as the highest highs, and pretty much everything in between. And Dell is finished there, also providing the best entertainment facilities.  You can watch a movie on DVD, record your data on CD or download as many applications as you like quickly and easily onto this laptop via the built in optical disc drive.

It is hard to find any negatives on the Dell Inspiron i5558-8574SLV laptop but there are a few things that could have been improved. I always like to see more application of solid state memory or SSD to make a laptop run more smoothly – but as stated earlier, it is a very capable laptop already, so maybe there is not much to gain in terms of performance. There is only 1 USB 3.0 port which is more like you would get for a budget laptop.  At 5.4 pounds this Inspiron is slightly on the heavy side, compared to some other 15.6 inch laptops that we have reviewed.  This is probably due to the fact that they have built in the optical drive which overall I would consider as better to have than to go without.

Summary of the Dell Inspiron i5558 8574SLV

In Summary:  If you want a laptop that is high on the performance scale, and yet you may choose to reduce the price scale as much as possible, then the Dell Inspiron i5558-8574SLV laptop is a very smart choice.  In fact, this machine offers you excellent value for money, being well under the $1000 price range.  It does lack some of the features we see on other laptops such as the lack of SSD, and maybe it is not the lightest laptop you can buy, but make no mistake, this laptop offers you fantastic all round performance at an unbeatable price.

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