Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV Review

Look at the Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV

The Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV is a sleek, modern, and powerful device. It delivers a strong performance, offers ample storage space, and sports a large screen that showcases high definition media. Read on while we will take a look at the performance of this device in order to help you make an informed decision on your next purchase.

The Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV runs on a brand new fifth generation Intel Core i7-5500U that features a 4MB cache and can clock speeds of up to 3.0GHz thanks to the built-in Turbo Boost.  Fitted with 8GB of DDR3L RAM, this machine can promise a powerful performance and seamless multitasking abilities. Underpinning the high standards of this Dell machine, users will find a 1TB SATA hard drive that can handle any number of files, media, games or movies that you will ever need to store.  This machine is truly awesome. It has a great combination of fast processor unit in the Intel Core i7-5500U, and is ideally partnered with just the right amount of super fast DDRL3 RAM.  I really don’t think you need any more to suit this combination, but I guess you could if you really wanted to.  Again, Dell have got the maximum points by combining this sublime processing power, with the all out grunt of the 1TB hard drive, which will simply blow you away.  Good on you if you ever manage to fill that up!

More Features of the Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV

Have we even mentioned that this machine is one of the top of the range 17 inch laptops that are truly in the workstation category in terms of overall capacity, and overall ability to perform the most demanding tasks.  The Dell Inspiron I57494445SLV sports an incredible 17 inch LED backlit, high definition display screen.  This device features a 1600 x 900 resolution with TruLife technology, which delivers a bright picture clarity for video editing, streaming movies or even gaming.  This Dell Inspiron is made with the best quality materials, sports a sleek silver color and textured design finish. Weighing in at 6.73lbs, this laptop is not the lightest of its kind but who really expects to carry around their 17 inch laptop every day?

And now that we mention it, this device is lighter and more portable than nearly any other 17 inch laptop on the market, and who would realize that you can take a full on entertainment machine with you when you travel to work or school, or even to your friends place?  Yes you can, and the sheer clarity and color definition of the true to life display will surely impress, but the awesome studio quality sound is the icing on the cake and will truly impress your friends.

The Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV has a keyboard with a full numeric pad, offering users an easy and comfortable typing experience. You can easily locate all of the ports and connection features on this machine including, USB, HDMI, VGA, multimedia card reader and don’t forget the excellent connectivity with Bluetooth. The battery life will last about 6 hours on a full charge and with moderate usage, but don’t expect it to run all day.

Summary of the Dell Inspiron I5749

The Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV is a heavier laptop weighing in close to 7lbs. Some users have commented that it can be a hassle to carry this laptop around every day, and I would tend to agree that it is better to be left on the desk at home, but what an asset it is to have!  But you can’t overlook that this Dell Inspiron I5749-4445SLV is a powerful laptop that offers users an amazing processor, great battery life, and large screen. Although it is not the lightest laptop, it provides an impeccable performance. This device is recommended for the office or home.

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