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The Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK

If you are looking for a large screen laptop that can be used as a semi-workstation, then the Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK is very impressive.  17.3 inch laptops are not the most mobile systems from the lot, but they are certainly more comfortable to work on. Hence, they are usually called desktop replacement notebooks, as they offer high performance for your office or in your home.  One of the most useful features of this laptop is that it offers Windows 7, but you can upload Windows 10 if you prefer.

This mighty Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK notebook is powered by a 4th generation Intel Core i5-4210U processor.  This Intel processor is one of the most popular Intel processors for mid-range multimedia laptops.  The Intel Core i5-4210U is usually preferred by those who are looking for higher performance than entry level processors.  Thus, you can not only have a phenomenal multimedia experience on this laptop, but also perform video editing jobs with ease.  Software like Photoshop can easily be supported.
Although the Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK can provide a seamless multitasking experience, it is not built for gaming.  This is because this laptop does not include a dedicated graphics card. The integrated Intel graphic card is good enough for older style games, but don’t expect the latest and greatest.  Some of the latest games can be supported at low graphics, but I would take it cautiously.

Power behind the Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK

Now on to the real power features, this laptop features 8 GB of DDR 3 RAM and 1 TB of HDD!  8 GB of RAM emphasises the power of the Intel processor, and gives you a fantastic user experience.  Anything less would stall the processor.  In addition to that, the screen resolution is 1600×900 (HD+) instead of conventional 1920×1080 (HD). The benefit of higher resolution is that it gives you more real estate to work on, which is essential for multitasking and for research and report writing purposes, all at the same time.
One of the central features of this laptop is that offers Windows 7. This should be a delight for those who detest Windows 8. However, you should be ready to pay a little premium for the downgrade, as laptops of this hardware normally come with Windows 8 and seem to be a better value for money. Of course if you prefer to upgrade to Windows 10 then that is totally possible, and you should be able to purchase this machine already upgraded to Windows 1o if that is your preference.

Other features and accessories that come with this laptop include a plethora of connectivity and interfacing options including HDMI port, 1 USB 3.0 and 2.0 x USB 2.0 ports, Wifi, SD card reader, VGA port, and RJ-45. It also has a webcam with built in microphone.  Besides that, it also includes an optical drive and stereo speakers.

Summary of the Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK

All in all, the Dell Inspiron i5759-4129BLK is an excellent semi-workstation grade laptop.  It is not a full-fledged workstation laptop as it does not have a very powerful core i7 processor and a dedicated graphic card.  However, for its price, it has an excellent hardware configuration that should give you a lag free experience on basic software.  This Dell Inspiron is heavily discounted from $999 to a great low price – check it out.   I would highly recommend this laptop for office and home use.


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