Dell Inspiron i7347-50sLV Review

Dell Inspiron I7348 3286SLV


 Price: $439.99

The Dell Inspiron 13 7000 is a series of 13.3 inch latest convertible laptops from Dell. They have received excellent reviews all across the spectrum. The central feature of this series in general, and this laptop, the Dell i7347-50sLVz in particular, is the all round hardware on offer.

Hardware: Convertible (Hinge), 13.3″ HD Touch, Core i3-4010U, 4 GB DDR 3, 500 GB HDD, Windows 8.1

Basically, this is a budget laptop. Although it has the features of a tablet, the hardware this Dell Inspiron i7347-50sLV offers is worthy of a fully fledged laptop. If you are looking for a budget laptop, then why not invest in a Convertible model. The greatest aspect of convertible laptop is it costs almost the same as budget laptops, yet offers the portability of a tablet. The fact that it is convertible into a Tablet is basically a win-win situation for you because then you won’t have to invest on a Tablet separately.

This laptop has a far more superior processor than any conventional tablet. The Core i3-4010U processor is among the respected models of 4th generation processors. Granted you cannot perform high end tasks, this processor still has the capacity for simple video production or editing jobs. If your intentions are to use this laptop merely for daily tasks or for the apps in the app market, then it’ll be nothing but a walk in the park for this notebook.

Note that there are basically two kinds of convertible laptops. One is the detachable kind in which the screen detaches to become the tablet, the other is the hinge type in which the screen rotates 360 degrees.  The Dell Inspiron i7347-50sLV is the hinge type model. The pros of this version of convertible laptop is that their shape can be altered into four different modes. i.e laptop, tent, tablet, or stand. This is something that the detachable laptops cannot do. Furthermore, rarely will you find a large HDD or a powerful processor being featured in detachable laptops in this price range. 

If you are interested in Detachable types of convertible laptops of this price, then perhaps the Acer Aspire Switch 10 (SW5-012-16GW) would interest. Or if you are interested in a smaller sized, cheaper and a bit weaker hinge type convertible laptop then Toshiba Radius is a good pick.

The bottom line is for a 13.3″ hinge rotate convertible laptop, the Dell Inspiron i7347-50sLV is by far the best valued. It features 500 GB of HDD, 4GB of RAM, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wifi, SD card reader and Front facing camera.

Furthermore, this machine measures at around 0.75″ in thickness. If you look at this from the perspective of a laptop, then you will see that this Dell is one of thinnest, if not the thinnest, laptop in the budget range, and that is a big winner when it comes to light weight and portability.

All in all, the Dell Inspiron i7347-50sLVz is basically a fully fledged laptop disguised as a convertible 2 in 1. The best aspect of this machine is obviously the touchscreen that rotates to become a tablet. Thanks to the interface, you can not only enjoy this laptop as a Tablet with the smart phone OS, but also as a PC with the computer OS. The thing is, if you are looking to buy a budget laptop, then you should take a look at this as a serious potential alternative. It costs almost the same as any good budget laptop, yet it offers so much more.



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