Dell Inspiron i7537T-1132sLV Review

Dell Inspiron 15 i7537 1122SLV


Price: around $600

The impressive Dell Inspiron i7537T-1132sLV hails from the latest series of convertible laptops from Dell that come in various sizes, options and price tags. This particular model is a 15.6″ Touchscreen Hybrid laptop with a very easy to use hinge rotate mechanism, which offers the user the most simple and convenient flexibility in the way you can use your laptop.

Hardware: Convertible (Hinge), 15.6″ HD Touch, Core i5-4200U, 6 GB DDR 3, 500 GB Hybrid (8GB NAND), Windows 8.1

The advantage of having a hinge rotate hybrid laptop is quite obvious; compared to a detachable hybrid laptop, a hinge rotate can be transformed into four different shapes such as a laptop, tent, stand or a tablet. These various modes can be used to enhance your presentation. Furthermore, the hinge rotate generally features more powerful hardware at a relatively cheaper price tag. The only possible disadvantage is that hinge rotate hybrid laptops are somewhat bulkier than their detachable counterparts.

However, if you are looking at this machine that is 15.6″ in size, chances are that ultra portability is not your prime requirement. Nevertheless, you should note that if you look at the Dell Inspiron i7537T-1132sLV through the perspective of a ‘multimedia’ laptop, it is very thin. In fact, no conventional multimedia laptop of this price tag can offer a 0.8″ thickness in design profile. On the hand, as a tablet, yes this notebook is heavier than most tablets.

So why should you be interested in buying this laptop? Well for starters it costs almost the same as any mid end multimedia laptop.  It is thin, and because it is convertible, it can be used in different modes. Furthermore this laptop offers the Hybrid HDD. Whereas the convertible laptops from other brands offer either an SSD or HDD, Dell Inspiron i7537T-1132sLV gives you best of both. It gives you the capacity of an HDD and the speed of an SSD with this 500 GB HDD + 8 GB NAND hybrid drive. Now that’s a feature we like to see!

It offers an ample 6 GB of RAM and a relatively powerful and quite respectable core i5-4200U processor. The HD touchscreen surrounded by aluminum exterior is literally is one of the best we have seen.  Furthermore, as a testament to the premium craftsmanship of this machine, it also includes a backlit keyboard.

With all the above mentioned features, ask yourself: why would you ever resort for a conventional 15.6″ laptop that is bulkier, features almost the same hardware minus the touchscreen, cannot rotate 360 degrees on its hinge and does not boast a backlit keyboard?

Now there are smaller models of this Dell 7000s series available. Dell Inspiron i7347-50sLVz and Dell i7347-10051sLV. Both of these models are 13.3″ touchscreen hinge rotate hybrid laptop with great value for money. If you want a bit more portability then perhaps the 13.3″ models will interest you.

All in all, Dell Inspiron i7537T-1132sLV is a great valued laptop. It features optimized hardware that integrates perfectly into a very smooth package. No one component should out perform or under perform the other. So basically, this is a multimedia laptop with the extra premium features of a hybrid laptop. I see absolutely no reason why you should not consider this laptop if your budget allows you.



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