Dell XPS X8700-2815BLK Desktop Review

Dell XPS 8700 2815BLK Desktop

And just when you thought that Dell could not squeeze any more improvements into a single desktop frame, along comes the Dell XPS 8700.  Yes Dell have managed to squeeze in one more beast of a machine under the $1000 price tag.  And they have managed to increase the computing horsepower even higher, with even better graphics power which is designed to impress.


Features of the Dell XPS 8700 2815BLK Desktop

The Dell XPS 8700 X8700 2815BLK has been designed to lift the bar another level in terms of processing performance.  Although it provides similar Intel technology through the very capable and highly impressive Intel Quad Core i7-4790, the XPS 8700 provides a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 graphics co-processor with 4GB DDR3.  Aimed at specialist gaming and photo shopping or video editing or whatever you like to do, the Dell XPS 8700 is built for advanced video graphics as well as high quality audio, so you will have no trouble playing whatever games or running whatever applications you can find.

Connectivity is not a problem.  This machine can connect to a wide range of devices and monitors of your choice with a total of 10 USB ports which is incredible, but you can also connect with a Bluetooth 4.0 as well as a HDMI graphic port.  Yes that is correct, ten USB ports in total, of which six are USB 3.0 ports that allow you to connect to as many devices as you like all at once, and you can transfer data much faster with USN 3.0 than you ever could with USB 2.0.  As well as that, you can stream HD content to your television through the HDMI port, and you can sync Bluetooth devices and connect to the internet with a Dell Wireless WiFi card.

Summary of the Dell XPS 8700 2815BLK Desktop

Please note this machine does not come supplied with a monitor, so to avoid disappointment, makes sure you select something special.  Go on make it a big screen special!  If you need to research some of the latest release IPS monitors, then be sure to catch our review of the best monitors on the market.

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Bring your multi media dreams to life with Dell XPS 8700 desktop which offers you the very best and powerful processors, high intensity graphical performance and more storage capacity than you will ever be able to use.  Now you can buy your very own XPS mini tower with 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4790 processor and dedicated graphics co-processor which performs up to 15 percent better than the previous models.  Now you can zip along through process intensive applications and handle all the serious multi media and extreme gaming that you have always wanted to do for just under $1000.

Where can you buy the Dell XPS 8700 X8700-2815BLK Desktop?  Click here for a closer look.


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