Gateway NV570P09u Touch Screen Laptop Review

The Gateway NV570P09u Touch Screen Laptop is a surprising package, especially for those of you not familiar with this brand.  It is well worth a look at the impressive features, which should satisfy the ‘average’ user and may even impress a few of you with more exacting standards.  This model slots happily in amongst the range of 15.6 inch touch screen laptops, and is certainly no slouch when it comes to performance.

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Gateway NV570P09u

Touch Screen Laptop

The heart of the Gateway NV570P09u laptop is the Intel Pentium 2117U offering 1.8GHz and 2MB cache, along with 4GB SDRAM memory 750GB hard drive – more than enough horsepower to run your windows applications and download data by the bucket load.  And yes, it comes pre-loaded with genuine Windows 8 Home Premium software, so you are up and running straight away.

Let’s look at the other features which serve to enhance the user experience.  Features include full size keyboard, multi feature touchpad, widescreen HD touch screen display, HD webcam with audio, and two built in stereo speakers.  Looking good so far – no excuses at this stage!

How about the touch screen display?  Have you ever used a touch screen on a laptop as opposed to the usual smart device?  It is a little disconcerting at first, you know, not quite what you are used to!  But when you do get used to it, and particularly when you use it with the latest version of Windows 8 and Windows 10, then it really comes into its own.  Touch screen technology really does make it faster and easier to navigate around the desktop, and when you become truly proficient, you will find that you can use a laptop with much greater speed and efficiency!

How about battery life?  The battery is Lithium ion, so that is another tick in the box, and you should reasonably get 4 hours running time from this model.  With an all up weight of under 6 pounds, this laptop will give you portability, and the flexibility to take your office with you!

Do you want more?  Believe me, if you haven’t upgraded your laptop recently, the performance of the Intel processor and HD Graphics will really impress, and the core processor works lightning fast.  With excellent download speeds from either WiFi or Ethernet connection, 5 handy USB ports and CD/DVD drive that also supports M-DISC Technology (M-DISCs are better as they hold more data than normal discs).  However, if you haven’t upgraded to a touch screen, then you will really get the benefit of the improved user experience and enhanced utilization that touch screen technology has to offer. While portable devices and tablets offer obvious advantages over fixed PC technology, the combination of touchscreen, mouse and keyboard can change the way you do business!

The Gateway NV products range offer great all-around performance and versatility for a combination of purposes such as productivity, networking and entertainment.  If you require a good all round performing laptop, with the latest technology touch screen in the lower price range, then you should definitely consider a Gateway NV.  Easy to use, ready to go, the Gateway NV570P09u Touch Screen Laptop will keep you connected.  At a price of $478.99 (plus postage), this laptop offers you a value for money solution with all the technology you need to keep your home or office moving with the times.  Don’t forget to bundle your accessories for an even better price!

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