Guide to Buying a Chromebook

If you are not sure about the latest offerings in the range of laptops, notebooks, tablets and other portable devices, then you may be a little confused about the Chromebook?
If you have looked at all the options for laptops, and can’t find exactly what you want – maybe you should contemplate a Chromebook?

Even if you are considering purchasing a Chromebook, then hopefully we can answer some of your questions.  Maybe we can even help you choose exactly the right Chromebook.  Follow the link at the bottom of the page to see a side by side comparison.
Read on and we’ll explain the options, offerings and how it may or may not suit your needs or visit the Amazon Store at any time.

Chromebook is not as brand!

Chromebook is not about the color!

So what is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is technology’s answer to Google’s cloud computing experiment which has blossomed into a new segment of affordable, small and very fast laptops.  Recently we’ve seen new, by similar Chromebooks, but now we’re starting to see some new models that shake up the formula and add a bit of interest to this exciting new range.

Chromebooks are a different type of portable computing devices, and they tend to be designed especially for Internet connected machines, and they used different applications than normal operating systems.  They are a distinct and different way to run a computer, based on the latest cloud based technology.

Chromebooks run on Web applications, and do not use normal PC software.
Chromebooks are designed to be connected to the Internet most of the time.  You can create documents and spreadsheets or use media applications on a Chromebook using Google connections which have been specifically designed for online purposes.  The Chrome operating system does not need to be loaded with normal PC software like Microsoft Windows.  The clever aspect is that you can still access and use files that were created under the Windows system, and you can even edit your old documents using the Internet and Google applications.

Light and Portable.

The selling feature of Chromebooks is that they are extremely light and portable, and they achieve this by economising on the bulky and heavy on board memory storage devices and disc drives that weigh us down on most other devices.

Cloud based storage.

Instead, the Chromebook achieves all its data storage requirements via web based applications and the latest trend in Cloud based storage services.  In case you are unsure of using the Cloud based storage, you should be reassured that your files remain secure and you can access them anytime you are connected to the Internet.


Instead of an on board software load with applications you never really use – all the Chromebook needs is a browser to access the Internet.  No longer do you have to wait for that interminable log in time.  No longer are you forced to stop what you were doing and wait for that forced shut down to update your machine with yet another software patch or load an update that has nothing to do with what you need.  The Chromebook comes with a very small and efficient operating system and browser which can be updated on-line at the web browser shop at your convenience!

Solid State Memory.

Here is the main advantage of the Chromebook design mentality, and why these devices are a paradigm shift away from traditional laptops.  The Chromebook only requires a small solid state memory device, and is capable of booting up very quickly.  In fact, these devices eliminate the waiting time in so many ways, you are up and away in no time at all.  Sounds good to me!

So How Do I Choose a Chromebook?

Most Chromebooks are all similar to one another.  They all use web based applications, they all use cloud based storage, they are light and fast, and they all rely on an Internet connection.
There’s not a massive range of hardware and features to choose from across different makes and models, but the following list of considerations may help you make a decision.

Special Features.

Maybe you want an HDMI output for connecting to a larger screen in your home office, or more USB ports.  Maybe you prefer high quality graphics and stereo speakers for listening to your favorite music and videos.  Maybe for you, it’s all about a backlit keyboard – or a full sized one.

Battery Life.

Chromebooks are generally fitted with energy saving internal components, making them very good at saving power. So this means you can take your Chromebook to work or school for the day, and have enough power to make it home again before needing to recharge.

Screen Size.

Typically, Chromebooks are miniature laptop style device, so you should expect a fairly limited sized screen.  You will need to consider how much you really need that larger screen, or whether you prefer a light weight commute on the train or bus!

What else should you look out for?

All Chromebooks require a good internet connection, and all come with WiFi for connectivity.  If you require your own internet connection because you travel a lot, then you can choose a 3G or 4G data plan to make sure you stay connected.  Unlike buying a laptop, you can actually bundle your options when purchasing a Chromebook, so you need to look for the best options or any extras that come with your purchase.  For example, would you like 12 months of mobile data, can you use extra Google Cloud storage space?  Make sure you take this into account in your initial purchase price and you could save yourself a lot of money!

What are the best brands of Chromebook?

Several companies have a range of Chromebooks, and the options to suit your needs is growing.  In addition to upfront features, you should also check out the various support and warranties, as the manufacturers all offer different packages and different inclusions which can make the end price a little different depending on the model you prefer.

If you already like a particular company’s devices and support, then you can trust your instincts, or you can browse from the wide range of options – its up to you.

We live in a consumer society – you really can have what you want.  Choose your favourite color, choose a color that nobody else has, express yourself, be unique!  The choice is yours.

Let us help you choose a Chromebook from the diverse range available, scroll through these offerings to see if anything takes your fancy.

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