Hostgator Coupon Code 2018

Hostgator coupon code 2018 are a great way to test waters with Hostgator. The reason Hostgator even gives out coupons is because they are confident in their claim that people will love it and stay with them for longer period of time and thus making them profit.

There are basically two types of coupon codes. One type reduces the total cost by $9.94 dollars while the other give you a 25% Off. These coupon codes are as follows:

ONECENT2017NEW for $9.94 Off
25POFF2016 for 25% Off.

We will now look at how to apply these coupons and for which type of account will you see the most benefit.

hostgator discount coupon

A Look at Hostgator

Hostgator Coupon Code 2018 can be applied to all three of the plan that are available on Hostgator.

The three Web Hosting Plans available on HostGator include Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan.

Although there are important differnces between the plans, we will only look at the first two plans. The biggest different between Hatchling and Baby Plan is that the former only allows you to host website on only one web domain whereas the later gives you the ability to host on unlimited domains.

What this basically means is that with the Hatchling plan you can develop only one website whereas with the baby plan you can develop as many websites as you want. The best thing is that the price difference between the two is less than a dollar. Therefore, I would recommend that you go with the Baby Plan even if you are a beginner. However, if you choose to go for the Hatchling Plan instead, then you can always upgrade your plan to Baby Plan later if you desire.

The best thing about HostGator Web Hosting is their unparalleled customer service. Anyone in the online web development business can vouch for the extraordinary service that the HostGator provides.

HostGator Plans

hostgator coupon codeHostgator $9.94/- Coupon Code

The ONECENT 2018 NEW can be used to get a $9.94 Discount on any plan for any span of time. Using this coupon code for Hatchling and Baby plan will bring down the price to $0.01. However, since the price for Business Plan is around $15/month, if you use this coupon code on Business Plan you will still have to pay around $5.00 dollars.

I advice you to use the this Hostgator Coupon Code on the BABY Plan, as you will only have to pay $0.01 for the first month which is practically free. You will also be able to host on unlimited domain names with this plan.

hostgator coupon code










HostGator 25% OFF Coupon 2017

With this 25P OFF 2018  HostGator Coupon code you can get 25% Off on any plan for any span of time. This is best suited for plans spanning longer than a month because in this way you can get discount on a bulk price. The following table shows you the discount over different plans with the 25% coupon code.

How to Setup Hosting Account

Setting up hosting account is very simple with HostGator. Once you head over to and have selected your plan and made a purchase you will be send a mail that will contain the registration information such as username and passwords for two accounts: One for the billing account and second for your CPANEL. In some instances, you will be called by HostGator for verification. Furthermore, HostGator may even ask you send them some sort of photo ID for verification. This is all very important for security purposes. For Hosting services that do not take such measure, you can be at security risks with them. Which is quite a concern when your website becomes successful and starts earning money.

You will use the billing account username and password to pay any outstanding fee or upgrade your plans. They have an excellent customer service here that will guide you through any troubles. You will use the other set of username and password for you CPANEL. This is where all the magic happens. You will set up your website.

Once in the CPANEL, you will see two name servers listed on the left hand sidebar. You need to put these name servers on your domain name, which is very simple. Just head over to your domain registrar. Go to edit your domain name settings and then look for editing the nameservers. Remove the default nameservers and update them with the new HostGator name servers. This will take a few minutes to update.

If you have successfully updated the nameservers, you will see that when you type in your domain in the browser it will open a HostGator parked page. Once that is done, go back to your CPANEL and look for ‘Quick Install’ under Software/Services heading. Open it up and it will give you the options of installing WordPress on your domain name. Just select your domain and simply keep on going next until you are next. Don’t worry about too much detail if it asks for.

You are done, you have your WordPress setup on your hosting account. Now just head over to your wp-admin and start building content. In case you forgot you can find your WordPress Dashboard at



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