HP 15-f111DX Review

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Price: around $600 

This laptop is a multimedia laptop with a price tag of a budget laptop. This is very interesting and hard to find in such a competitive market. The HP 15-f111DX has the features and components to go toe-to-toe with some of the mid end mainstream laptops. Its most atteactive aspect is of course the price tag. I see a lot of laptops, and I always look for value for money, and there is not a single laptop that matches this price point while maintaining this hardware.

Hardware: 15.6″ Touchscreen HD, AMD Quad Core A8-6410U, 8 GB DDR 3, 750 GB HDD, Optical Drive

So is this a multimedia or a budget laptop? Originally, this laptop was built as a multimedia laptop, and its listed price was $699.99. However, after an awesome promotion, this laptop now costs almost $300 dollars less. This makes it basically a budget laptop on steroids. 

The HP 15-f111DX is a 15.6″ Touchscreen laptop with AMD Quad Core A8-6410 APU, 8 GB of RAM (non expandable) and 750 GB of HDD.  This AMD processor is as powerful as Intel Core i3-4010U, if not better. As a multimedia laptop, had it been priced at its original price tag of $699, I would have recommended it. But now, with the price range of this laptop falling within the budget range, it is the best budget laptop hands down. Let me paint a clear picture of what budget laptops really look like.

A budget laptop is any laptop that is around the $500 mark. The maximum budget laptops generally offer in terms of hardware is a processor equivalent in power to core i3-4010U, 4 GB DDR 3, 500 GB of HDD. There can be various combinations of the hardware configuration, i.e a celeron processor with 8 GB of RAM, or a Pentium processor with Touchscreen. The point is that you rarely find a processor as powerful as Core i3-4010U or AMD A8-6410 with 8 GB of RAM, Touchscreen and 750 GB of HDD.

The HP 15-f111DX has basically put all the budget laptops to shame with this hardware configuration. The price may well change in the future, and if you are looking at this laptop, then let me tell you that you are in luck. If I were you I would not hesitate to make this purchase. 

Design wise, it looks as sleek as any HP laptop. Build quality wise, you get the commitment to HP quality. Other features of this laptop include HDMI, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 1 xUSB 2.0 port, Webcam, Ethernet LAN, Wifi, and SD card reader. Note that this laptop again challenges the norm by offering 2 x USB 3.0 ports. In most conventional multimedia and budget laptops these days the configuration of USB ports is the exact opposite i.e 1 x USB 3,0 port, and 2 x USB 3.0 ports. Furthermore, you also get an optical drive with this notebook.

The only drawback of HP 15-f111DX is that it is slightly on the thicker and heavier end of the spectrum of multimedia laptops. With a weight of more than 5.5 pounds and measuring at 1.2″, this laptop is slightly bulkier, but not to the extent that it becomes cumbersome to carry around. Plus the pros of this laptop greatly outweigh this con. 

This laptop operates on Windows 8.1 OS, because it is the most intuitive OS for Touchscreen based laptops. In fact, I advise people that if Touchscreen is available on Windows 8.1 at a reasonable price, then go for it. The advantage of this is quite obvious. The touchscreen on Windows 8.1 can greatly enhance your productivity. It also removes any learning curve that is otherwise involved on Windows 8.1 with the basic trackpad and keyboard.

In conclusion, the HP 15-f111DX is one of the best machines that I have seen. It’s value for money is off the charts and the 5 star rating does not do justice to the value this laptop offers. I would recommend this laptop in a heart beat to students, office workers, home use, and even for semi-professionals. This laptop has enough performance power to handle some low-mid editing jobs, and as much multi-tasking as you can throw at it!



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