HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC review

HP 23 q014 23 Inch Display All in One PC

If you’re looking to improve your work station without having to buy all those separate components that need to be connected through a bunch of cables, the HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC is the best solution. This system is a beautiful piece of equipment, with a sleek and slim design that packs the power of a well designed tower PC, but also provides the capabilities of a 23 inch multi-touch monitor.

Through this system, HP wanted to offer their customers a combination between the elegance and simplicity of an all-in-one system, the power that a tower system provides, and better portability at an affordable price. The HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC price range varies from $600 to about $800 and packs the power of an Intel Core i3 supported by 8GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive for all your files. Besides the fact that your new system will look amazing on your desk, you will also be able to perform your daily tasks at a greater speed, using a stylish multi-touch monitor and listening to amazing sound quality.

So what else do you get with the HP 23 q014 23 Inch Display All in One PC

 The HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC bases its performance on a 4th generation Intel Core i3-4160T processor with Intel HD Graphics 4400 that supports 2 simultaneous threads and allows 3MB of cache at the speed of 3.1 GHz. The processor is energy efficient and implements features like Turbo Boost and HyperThreading that are active by default. The system supports multi-tasking and offers great performance without freezing any of your running applications due to a large memory of 8 GB DDR3L (1600) that can be upgraded to 16GB if necessary. The 1TB SATA hard drive, running at 7200 RPM, offers enough space to store all your work files, high quality movies, music, and any other type of information. You will have the possibility to enjoy good sound quality through the built-in speakers that feature the B&O Play audio technology.

The HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC is equipped with a 23-inch diagonal multi touch enabled monitor that supports IPS technology and provides full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), clarity and 16:9 aspect ratio. Using this all-in-one system will actually be fun as you get to touch, glide and tap with all your 10 fingers (the system allows for a 10 points touch system). Connectivity ports are placed either on the back side of the monitor, under it, or on the stand so it may be a bit difficult to reach them. Still the important thing is that it supports a large variety of connected devices using ports like HDMI output, USB 2.0 and 3.0 (4 and 2 ports respectively), Bluetooth 4.0, Wireless (802.11b/g/n) and LAN (10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit), memory card reader (3 in 1), and one combo for headphones and microphone.  So there is no compromise in terms of connectivity!

Summary of the HP 23 q014 23 Inch Display All in One PC

The HP 23-q014 23-Inch Display All-in-One PC comes with Windows 8.1 and various preinstalled applications related to computer security and file management. Even though it’s a pretty powerful system, we don’t recommend it for high end gaming or when you might have challenging graphical demands. But if you would like the convenience of a neat compact alternative to a tower, then this system is perfect for running your home or work documents, light photo and video editing, playing light games, watching videos and listening to great music.


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