HP Chromebook 14 Review

HP Chromebook 14

Just in case you thought all Chromebooks were the same – there is one that breaks the mold.  The HP Chromebook 14 boasts a massive 14-inch 1366×768 HD screen, and a super quick Intel Celeron 2955U processor.  These features put the HP 14 up there with some laptops in terms of performance specifications, but you have to remember that this machine was designed as a Chromebook for the Chrome Operating System, and does not have the usual on board software, apps or memory storage.  If you thought that all Chromebooks were meant to be lightweight and portable toys, then think again.  This device compares with laptops in terms of size, performance and price!  So it is not going to appear in the budget section.

HP Chromebook 14

This is a very attractive package with ample performance, nice sized screen and with eye catching colors and design.  The only negative to be taken from this is that at a price point up to $400 it falls within the same range as budget laptops, which arguable present better options for productivity and all round performance.  There is another option to look at the HP Chromebook 11, which is a very similarly performing device, but has an 11-inch screen and is much more compact and cheaper priced.

So it depends really whether you like the speed and agility of the Chromebooks, or whether you are more traditional and prefer to stick with the usual features of a laptop computer.  It might take a little while to become accustomed to the new paradigm of using a Chromebook, and it does offer some advantages when you get used to the idea.  The biggest advantage of using a Chromebook is the start up speed.  Because you no longer have a full suite of Windows software on board, the machine can start up extremely quickly, similarly to say an apple iPad or other brand of tablet.  So this is a big difference over using a traditional laptop.  Open the lid of a Chromebook and it is basically switched on straight away and you are up and running without having to wait for boot up time.  This can be especially useful if you just want to check out a basic piece of information such as the weather, or a map, and then drop the lid and get on with your day!

Additional features of the HP Chromebook 14

Never the less, it’s nice to see Chromebooks keeping up with high-end laptops when it comes to connectivity, though.  With two USB 3.0 ports, dual-band Wi-Fi, HDMI port and Bluetooth 4.0, you’ll find almost as much connectivity as you would on a high-end laptop.  The trackpad is also nice to use, and the battery goes for around seven hours with moderate use.  The Chromebook 14 performs really well for standard activities like movie streaming, but this depends on your internet connection.

One of the really good features is the free stuff.  The HP Chromebook 14 comes with 2 years free 3G Data of up to 250MB per month.  Its a bargain really!  You could use one of these machines all day every day for brilliant performance and quick responsiveness.  Sure, it will not be the same as your high end desktop, but really its about the right tool for the right job, and the HP 14 might just be right for you.

Summary of the HP Chromebook 14

In summary, the HP Chromebook 14 goes one better than most of the competition with a 14 inch monitor, extra power and cheery stand out from the crowd colors.  Make no mistake, this little beauty offers plenty of nice features, and you will have lots of fun using this attractive little machine.

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