HP ENVY 15 Notebook EXTREME Review

The HP Envy 15 EXTREME

The NEW DESIGN HP Envy 15 EXTREME is very light and not as solid as the usual gaming machines, but make no mistake; there is a beast on the inside.  The HP ENVY 15 brings a no nonsense new design and blends user enhanced features with ultra fast and the best technology available. The guts of this machine is the EXTREME Core i7 3920 Quad core processor that gives an incredible TURBO BOOST whenever you need it, right up to 3.80GHZ.  This powerful processor is combined with a very handy 16 GB of RAM for huge performance and finished off with 256GB SSD and 1 TB HD for a total of 1256GB of hard drive space.  This type of power and space means you will never have to worry about meeting capacity, ever. Just imagine, you can work and play without limits!

The Power of the HP ENVY 15 Notebook EXTREME

The HP Envy 15 is a game beater – both on the inside and the outside. The HP ENVY 15 Notebook is optimized for huge performance thanks to the Intel i7-3920XM quad processor. This is truly a beast of a machine, with performance on a par with many desktop rigs, and you will have to remind yourself that this is just a laptop.  Well maybe that does not do justice to this machine.  It comes with built in Beats Audio, stunning display and amazing hardware brings games and movies to life. The HP ENVY 15 EXTREME is a great combination of high performance, fun entertainment, all delivered in a very SLICK package. This machine will happily satisfy all your gaming needs and at the same time be the envy of all your friends!  It offers a great combination of power, plus stunning visuals, as well as some of the biggest and best audio you will find in a laptop – and this means you can use it as a gaming hub, an entertainment station, movies, videos, music, it can do everything!

But the most impressive part is the size.  It must be built like a brick I hear you say – Not So!  This machine is an incredibly thin and lightweight laptop, weighing in at only 4.8 lbs, and packaged in a very slim and neat package.  this machine is sure to impress.

The HP ENVY 15 Notebook EXTREME comes equipped with 15.6 inch LED backlit display, an incredible 4 Super Speed USB 3.0 ports, as well as a HDMI port and very useful VGA port.  Connectivity is a breeze with a Wireless WiFi 802.11 which will set you up for a very fast Wireless Local Areas Network, Ethernet port for high speed modems.  WOW!

As well as the fantastic connectivity, the HP ENVY 15 is fitted with a TrueHD Webcam and audio microphone, as well as 4 high volume speakers with BEATS AUDIO software, Fingerprint Reader, etc. More technology than you ever thought could fit inside such a neat package, but make no mistake, the HP ENVY 15 has all the gaming features you will ever desire.

Summary of the HP ENVY 15 Notebook EXTREME

Feel free to throw as many tasks as you possibly can at this machine – it can handle it, plus run multiple applications at once with no problems.  Load it up with all your games, applications and data files – no problems.  Easily manage your serious work tasks – no problems!  There really are no problems doing anything with this fantastic and highly capable HP ENVY 15 EXTREME – be the envy of everyone else!


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