HP Envy 17-j130us Review

HP Envy 17-j130us

Every brand has a flagship multimedia line of laptops. This is a line of laptops that features top of the line hardware components and also looks that speak of perfection from every corner. Envy is such breed of laptops from HP. They are one of the most stunning laptops in the market due to their unparalleled streamlined sleek looks. HP Envy 17-j130us hails from this breed of laptops. HP Envy 17-j130us is a high end HP Envy laptop that features a large touchscreen along with a powerful hardware to match its excellence. The best thing about this is that you do necessary pay extra for the amazing looks. You just pay the right amount for the hardware. In others, great value for money.

The Power of the HP Envy 17-j130us

The most obvious key features of HP Envy 17-j130us is of course the Touschreen. The 17.3″ Touchscreen on this laptop has a HD+ resolution and has a response like none other. HP Envy 17-j130us has won praise from its customers for an optimized high grade Touchscreen that has a very narrow bezel adding to its looks. Furthermore, at the heart of this laptop lies a behemoth of power, a processor from the latest generation of Intel, the Core i7-4700MQ Quad Core that is clocked at 2.4 GHz and can automatically boost its performance to 3.4 GHz per core depending upon the demand. For those of you who don’t know much about processors, i7-4700MQ is one of the top 5 most powerful processor that you can get for laptops in this generation. Adding to this is the whopping 12 GB of DDR3 RAM. This amount of RAM can not only take your multitasking experience to the extremes, but can also promise excellent stability during heavy processes such as graphics editing or video rendering.

HP Envy 17-j130us has an integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics of the latest generation. Since this is an integrated graphics card, it does not have its own RAM. It instead uses the RAM of the system. The maximum RAM it can use is 2 GB, which you can easily spare from your large 12 GB capacity. An exclusive feature of HP Envy 17-j130us is the beats audio. Beats audio system is only available in the most premium of laptops from HP. Beats does not need any introduction as its reputation in being unmatched precedes it. Further feature include a 1TB of HDD capacity that comes with HP ProtectSmart technology that prevents the HDD from getting easily damaged.

HP Envy 17-j130us operates on Windows 8.1 operating system, which is a must for a good touchscreen experience. Since this is a large power hungry laptop, the most that you can expect from the battery is around 4.5 hours. The profile of this laptop is quite standard at 1.32″ at maximum and weighs about 7 pounds. HP Envy 17-j130us also features an optical SuperMulti DVD burner drive and a large and comfortable Numeric Backlit Keyboard. With the finger print scanner on this laptop, you can easily access your accounts simply with the swipe of a finger. Media Card Reader, HDMI Port, 50 GB of lifetime cloud storage, 4 x USB 3.0 ports  and Webcam are among the rest of the features in this laptop.


Summary of the HP Envy 17-j130us

HP Envy 17-j130us is a laptop built for those who have a good eye for looks and appreciate premium designs and style. This is a laptop for those who not only like to roll in style but also give preference to performance. This laptop is not for enthusiasts such as Gamers as it does not feature a good graphic card; however, it does have the hardware for most professional uses such as photography and designing. The touchscreen is a great addition furthering the glamour of this laptop.

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