HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca Review

HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca Review


HP ENVY X2 13-j020ca

Thanks to the new processors hitting the market, tablets with supreme performance have finally become a reality.  The HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca is one such detachable hybrid laptop that has phenomenal performance when in tablet mode. A few years back, the latest trend for ultra thin laptops were the ultrabooks. These days, it is these powerful detachable laptops that are setting the new trend.

Hardware: 13.3″ FHD IPS Touchscreen, Intel Core M-5Y70, Intel HD 5300, 8 GB DDR 3, 256 GB SSD, Windows 8.1, 7.5 hrs battery

Architecture of the HP ENVY X2 13-j020ca

The architecture of the latest processors has allowed very powerful slim laptops and tablets to be manufactured.  Their low TDP allows them to stay cool passively and fit in the size of a slim profile without overheating. The unique processor featured by the HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca is the Intel Core M-5Y70 dual core processor with hyper threading enabled. Although this laptop is comparable in performance to Intel Core i5-4300U, its unique management system reduces its performance output when used in high capacity for a prolonged period of time.  This is cleverly done to prevent overheating.

You should note that as a tablet, this detachable laptop is far more powerful than any conventional tablet on the market.  It has 8 GB of DDR 3 RAM and 256 GB of SSD drive. So basically this is an ultrabook specification in a tablet configuration. The 13.3″ Touchscreen is FHD. To some this screen size may be the perfect size, while others may find it too big for a tablet. A 13.3″ screen has both pros and cons. The pros is that it is comfortable to work on especially as a laptop, the drawback is that it is harder to carry around as a tablet. I personally see this machine more as a laptop then a tablet, therefore to me a 13.3″ display is about the right size.

The keyboard on HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca is the slimmest that you can imagine. This is because the hardware is located inside the screen and not under the keyboard. This machine is quite thick for a tablet. At 0.75 inches, this is not the thinnest tablet. However, as an ultrabook, this laptop is quite slim and meets the highest standards. 

Design wise, the HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca is one elegant machine. It is made from premium materials and built with the latest design concepts.  When in laptop mode, the stand on the back of the screen gives the device a sturdy surface grip and support so that when you use the touchscreen, the screen doesn’t move. With conventional touchscreen laptops, the screen tends to push back when you touch it. This laptop cleverly solves that issue with typically thoughtful design.

Other than that, this machine does have exceptionally long battery life, worthy of an Ultrabook. It gives 7 and a half hours of battery life in ideal conditions. It also has a powerful integrated Intel HD 5300 graphic card.  This is almost as powerful as the Intel HD 4600 found integrated with Core i7. Although you cannot expect this machine to play all the latest game titles, you can enjoy older style games and App market games easily. Further features in this laptop include 2 x USB 3.0 ports, 1x HDMI, 1 x headphone, Wifi, Bluetooth and microSD card reader. 

Summary of the HP ENVY X2 13-j020ca

The HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca is a versatile detachable laptop with awesome and powerful hardware. This laptop can handle all the basic tasks but it also has the hardware to handle powerful applications such as video production and editing. If you are looking for a basic detachable laptop that is inexpensive, then perhaps Toshiba Satellite Click 2 L35W-B3204 would interest you. If you are looking for an even cheaper detachable laptop then check out Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012-16AA.  But for the power and versatility, I highly recommend the HP ENVY x2 13-j020ca.



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    I bought this laptop and I think it is absolutely the best!

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