Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Core i7 256 GB Review

Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Have a look at the supersized Microsoft Surface Pro 3 loaded up with Intel Core i7 processor and  256 GB Hard Drive – Fantastic Device, shame about the price!

Are you looking for a replacement for your iPad?  Do you love the convenience of a tablet but are interested in crossing over to a laptop or hybrid device for the extra horsepower?  Do you want the features of your favorite laptop, but just a little less carry around luggage?  How small can you go?
Surely you can’t have the best of both worlds – well just maybe you can…

Meet Microsoft’s latest new Surface Pro 3 – with Intel Core i7 processor and 256 GB Hard Drive.

Microsoft has continued to broaden the range of tablet devices, and offers customers a choice between size and convenience.  There is also the rivalry with the Ipad and MacBook Air, so there is quite a range to work in between.

This is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro review

Now don’t confuse this latest offering with Microsoft’s Surface 3, which is smaller and less expensive – the Surface Pro 3 has a closer rivalry with the MacBook Air.
Priced in excess of $1000, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is designed as a tablet but it can just as easily be used to run normal desktop apps and goes just as well as a traditional laptop, complete with a built in USB port and all.  Ok now I am interested.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 measures 9.1 mm thick and weighs just 800 grams, and offers slightly larger viewing convenience with a 12 inch touch screen. While it’s not as slim or light as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S or the iPad Air 2, it is very thin, very light and very portable.  Ok I am still interested…
The Intel Core i7 processor operates with effortless ease, and reduces power consumption such that this device does not require a fan. This allows for a happy battery life which is just as good as the rivals, allowing 9 hours of moderate usage alongside a stunning HD display and fantastic Dolby tuned speakers.  Ok that is what I want.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes pre loaded with the full version Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Pro, which is a nice to have.  So appearances can be deceiving, this is not meant to simply act like a tablet device – the Surface Pro 3 is actually suitable for performing any tasks that you would typically conduct on your main computer.

The screen is very smart 12 inch full HD touch screen that’s also a nice to have.  I know it is not as big as your laptop or desktop, but don’t forget – it is convertible so that you can use it in either tablet or laptop mode.
I think this is the overlooked feature, and the huge leap that tablet have made in recent times – these little machines are catching up fast, and this is the reason you may want to have a serious look at a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Microsoft has tailored the latest release of Windows Operating System such that users of tablets and touch screens can very simply and easily make the change from desktop machine to a a touch screen user interface (and back again if you want to use more than one machine) which allows you to do all your work tasks, and still be able to play games and watch movies.

Summary of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

So let’s make no mistake, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 handles many of your normal computer tasks with simple and easy to use features, such is the enormous capacity of that Intel i7 processor.  Teamed with loads of on board storage, and built for pleasure, this little machine is a serious contender. While you won’t be able to edit massive videos or play hardcore games on it, you’ll be covered for all the photo editing, web browsing, HD viewing or video streaming that you can possibly handle.

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