Review of Curved Screen Monitors for PC or Laptop

We live in fortunate times! With the rapid increase in technology, not only do we see incredible new technologies being released almost every day, but with the rapid uptake of new technology, we are accustomed to seeing the price decrease due to high volume of production and efficiency of manufacture.

This really is the story across all tech blogs, but what I wanted to talk about today is of particular interest to those of us who are visually stimulated. This is relevant to those who like to be visually entertained. Those of us who like a little graphical wizardry in our lives, or even those of us like watching high resolution movies or videos from the comfort of our own home. What I am referring to is the latest fantastic release of curved screen technology, which is rapidly becoming affordable for everyone to use in their home.


Samsung curved screen monitor

Curved Screen Monitors are affordable for everyone

Not only has technology advanced in the development of extremely high definition (HD) wide screen viewing, but now you can enjoy an incredibly immersive viewing experience from the introduction of curved screen technology. Just imagine if you could take your entertainment experience to a whole new level, with the same screen resolution that you are accustomed to, with the same incredible color density, and the latest dynamic contrast and response rate that we all take for granted. And dream about wrapping all this incredible visual performance into a curved full HD monitor with a wide viewing angle, that keeps your eyes at a constant focal length and extends your eye’s peripheral vision, and you will be able to immerse yourself into the natural wide field of view that is more realistic on your eyes, and seems far more realistic than a flat screen of the same size and definition.

LG curved screen monitor

Live the dream! We at CompuTechScout are pleased to be able to review some of the latest releases of this fantastic curved screen technology, and provide with the latest specifications, benefits and drawbacks, so that you might be able to find something that suits your requirements. As well as comparing several of these options for you, we will show some comparative pricing, so that you can find a curved screen that matches your budget.

Better still, if you want to take this another step further, why not consider putting more than one of these fabulous screens together and you may find yourself completely enveloped by this incredible advancement in bringing your tech to real life. Whether you want to increase your immersion in your favorite game, movie, or to increase your daily productivity, read out in depth reviews of the available options, and I am sure we might find something to keep you very interested.


1.  Samsung 27 Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor (Model Number S27D590C)

The first curved screen monitor that we will review is the Samsung 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor, model number S27D590C, which delivers fully dynamic and lifelike color as well as stereo sound for a fully immersive experience. But the good news is, you don’t lose any of the benefits of the high resolution, as this screen provides full High Definition resolution and contrast. Unlike flat screens, the Samsung 27 Inch Curved screen preserves the integrity of the image, so you don’t get any distortion at the edges of the panel.

 The Samsung 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor

The Samsung 27 inch curved screen is constructed with an extra wide viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally as well as in the vertical direction. This design feature optimizes the users viewing experience from any position and reduces the viewing distortion. This screen also provides a high contrast range featuring Mega Contrast variable technology, so you not losing any quality with regard to contrast or responsiveness. In addition, the Samsung monitor is powered by a full LED lighting system, which pumps out a stunning brightness, which is what we have become accustomed to with the latest technology in modern LED screen monitors. Put all these facts together, and these stunning features provide users with vibrant picture quality and improved visibility.

Connectivity – Can I connect a curved monitor to my existing tech?

The Samsung 27 inch curved screen monitor lacks nothing in terms of connectivity, and is adequately fitted out with all of the commonly used ports that you could possibly require. You can certainly connect your game console, Bluray player, or even multiple curved screen monitors using the HDMI, DSub, and Display Port connections, which are discreetly and conveniently located at the base of the monitor frame.

Samsung have optimized connectivity of the curved screen monitor for your entertainment pleasure. Featuring a high quality HDMI graphics port and all the connections you need to make the most of your entertainment. Connect to whatever audio visual devices of your choice with the convenience and quality of HDMI, or DSub ports to connect to PCs.

Can I connect multiple curved monitors?

Yes – the Samsung curved screen monitor even comes provided with a Display Port, making it simple and easy to connect to other display monitors. Here’s a big tip – connect multiple curved monitors to create an even more incredible immersive experience.

Click Here to find out where to buy the Samsung 27 inch curved monitor at Amazon.


2.  Samsung 29 Inch Ultra wide Curved Screen  Monitor (Model Number S29E790C)

The Samsung 29 inch Ultra wide curved screen monitor provides a curved screen that takes your user experience to a whole different viewing mode. The curvature of the monitor increases your user experience, and makes the screen appear more realistic than a typical flat screen. Due to the nature of the curved shape, and because the curvature of the screen matches the natural curvature of your line of sight, the edges of the screen are physically closer to your eye. Since the line of sight of the curved screen provides a more natural viewing arc, you get the benefit of a natural line of sight across the entire screen for a more easy viewing experience that is soft on your eyes. That is the scientific reason for why the curved screen is better for your eyes, but if you don’t believe me, just try one, the view is much improved, and the user experience is even better!

Samsung 29 inch Ultra Wide 21 to 9 LED Curved Monitor offers the following specifications:

  • Comfortable and immersive viewing experience
  • 21 to 9 wide aspect ratio & Ultra WQHD Display
  • Vibrant picture quality with vivid colors and patterns
  • Powerful multi tasking capabilities
  • Realistic gaming and entertainment
  • Embedded 7 Watt speakers
  • Premium, ergonomic design

Is a curved screen good for a multi media computer?

Absolutely – the Samsung 29 inch curved monitor allows you to optimize your multi media experience. The Stereo Speakers built right into the curve of the screen deliver rich, realistic sound to enhance your gaming or entertainment experience, whether you are into music, video, gaming, or whatever.

Where can I buy the Samsung 29 inch Ultra Wide 21:9 LED Curved Monitor?

The Samsung 29 inch curved monitor comes at a great low price in the affordable range between $500 and $600, and is an excellent choice for a relatively large sized monitor.

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3.  Samsung 34 Inch Curved Screen LED-Lit Monitor (Model Number S34E790C)

The Samsung 34 inch Curved Screen LED Monitor is curved for the ultimate realistic viewing experience, whether you like gaming or movies, or the power of multi media, the Samsung S34E790C is designed and built to impress.

Featuring a superb 34 inch curved LED screen, the S34E790C monitor delivers a captivating, realistic viewing experience that takes entertainment to a whole new experience. To develop this monitor Samsung studied the human eye to sympathetically model the optimal screen curvature. Having worked out the human optical parameters, Samsung then ergonomically positioned every edge of the screen to be the same distance from your eyes providing the most comfortable and realistic viewing experience, apart from looking at the real thing!

In addition to the superb visual capability, the user will be equally drawn into the action with stunning stereo sound with the 5 Watt stereo speakers. The magnificent stereo sound will increase your multi media entertainment to all new levels, and you will never look back.

Constructed from solid, sturdy materials, the S34E790C was designed with a simple and elegant appearance that ensures nothing distracts from the user experience of the superb curved screen. Mounted on an elegantly design stand, the screen seems to hover above the desk, and note the small bezel which makes the screen look larger than it really is. The monitor’s metallic body and clean design makes this a really sophisticated piece of equipment that will look very cool with the rest of your set up.

 Samsung 34 Inch Curved Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Can I use a curved screen for gaming?

Yes – the Samsung 34 inch curved screen monitor has been optimized for entertainment with Game Mode and built in stereo speakers. With just a simple controller the S34E790C automatically optimizes brightness and clarity to provide the best combination of brightness, contrast and responsiveness. This monitor allows you to select from several preprogrammed modes, including Gaming Mode, and allows you to easily switch settings to get the very best out of the screen to view everything from the finest resolution to the most intricate details of graphics intensive games.

What are the Specifications of the Samsung 34 inch curved monitor?

  • 34 Inch Curved Full HD Monitor
  • 21 to 9 curved panel
  • Wide Quad High Definition (3440 x 1440 pixels)
  • Full LED lighting
  • 3000 to 1 Ratio of visual contrast
  • 178 degree viewing angle
  • 4 millisecond response time and 60 Hz frequency
  • height and level adjustable
  • 4 USB ports for easy access to peripherals
  • Picture by Picture for split screen multi source viewing

 What is so good about a curved screen monitor?

Personally, I really like a curved monitor, especially when I first started using it. It’s very subtle, but is definitely a big improvement over a flat screen. I also like the slimline nature of the design – no more clunky monitors for me, this Samsung S34E790C offers a svelte appearance, and just looks really cool. However, I have been using it for a while now and honestly it still gives me a little smile because of how happy I am to have one of these little gems.

Are there any downsides to a curved screen monitor?

Now I have a problem – one is not enough! Have you seen the set ups where someone has put 2 or even three of these curved screens all linked up together? With the combined curvature of 2 or more of these magnificent screens is almost like being completed wrapped up in a simulated moving environment, and you can very quickly become totally immersed in your virtual world.

Where can I buy a Samsung 34 inch curved Monitor?

Discover a totally realistic viewing experience of the Samsung 34 Inch ultra wide curved screen LED monitor (Model Number S34E790C).  Check out the incredible visual performance on a curved full High Density monitor with a wide viewing angle, that keeps your eyes at a constant focal length and extends the eyes peripheral vision, and you will be able to immerse yourself into the natural wide field of view that is more realistic on your eyes.

Click Here to buy the Samsung 34 Inch Curved Screen LED Monitor from Amazon.


4. LG Electronics 34 Inch LED Lit Monitor (Model Number 34UC87C)

The 34 Inch LG Curved Ultra wide Monitor features a magnificent 34 inch screen which is LED powered with a wide 21:9 Aspect Ratio, WQHD for high resolution, and comes with a host of additional features such stereo sound, allowance for Split Screen functionality, and multiple options for connectivity to whatever accessories you currently use.

Here is a summary of the LG Electronics 34 inch curved screen:

  • 21:9 Ultra Wide Curved Monitor
  • 3440 x 1440 Pixel Resolution (WQHD)
  • IPS technology
  • SRGB over 99% Color Palette
  • Multiple Ports: 2 HDMI graphics ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Display Port
  • MAXX Audio

 Without doubt – you will be completely blown away.

This monitor is simply brilliant for whatever multi media tasks you may choose from, such as video streaming, graphics tasks, multi media tasking or even a fantastic user experience while surfing the internet. At 3440 x 1440 pixels it delivers better than HD resolution which is really nice to have, which is only a bonus on top of the magnificent viewing experience offered by the curved screen technology.

You can use it for gaming, web browsing and make sure you try side by side windows, watching a movie or streaming some videos. The colors are amazing, and the wide frame 21 to 9 aspect ratio gives you more screen real estate to use however you would like. The sheer size of this thing may take a bit of getting used to!

 The LG 34 Inch Ultra wide Curved Monitor

Compared to flat screen monitors, this superb curved monitor with its stunning graphics will provide you a whole new viewing experience. Because we often sit too closely to our computer screens for a long period of the day, you will find a curved monitor does more for your eyes than just looking good. The curved monitor reduces the distance between your eyes and each corner of the monitor, which reduces the visual distortion and reduces the strain on your eyes.

Click Here if you are interested in reading more about the LG 34 Inch Ultra wide Curved Monitor.


5.  Dell UltraSharp 34 Inch Curved LED Monitor (Model Number U3415W)

If you have never used one of the latest technology curved screen monitors, then do yourself a favour and check this out! Prepare to be stunned and amazed with a field of view that indulges both your primary and peripheral fields of vision. The Dell Ultra Sharp 34 inch curved screen provides an amazing immersive experience, and then blows the rest of your senses away, with quality stereo sound from the 9 Watt integrated speakers.

 The Dell Ultra Sharp 34 inch curved screen

What is the benefit of a Dell curved screen monitor?

With a curved screen monitor, you really can improve your viewing comfort due to the uniform focal distance between your eyes and each corner of the curved screen. This means that with a curved screen, you won’t have to refocus your eyes as often as with a flat screen monitor.

As well as the benefits of the screen curvature, the Dell 34 inch Curved Monitor engages the user in a wide screen viewing experience with panoramic dimensions courtesy of the 21 to 9 ultra wide aspect ratio with more display area and enhanced viewing pleasure.

Can I connect 34 inch curved screen monitor to my current tech?

The Dell 34 inch curved screen monitor allows many connectivity features that allow you to link up with all your conventional accessories, as well as multi tasking features on the screen with no interruptions. You will love to be able to connect multiple monitors and peripherals which offer a magnificent multi media experience, and a fabulous gaming immersion. You can view seamlessly across multiple monitors because this design has one of the thinnest bezels available on any monitor, which is a definite positive for an enhanced viewing experience. You can even connect your smartphone or tablet to your curved screen monitor using the mini display port feature, which makes this monitor a very connected piece of equipment.

What are the features of the Dell Ultra sharp curved screen monitor?

  • 34 inch curved monitor
  • 21 to 9 ultra wide aspect ratio
  • panoramic viewing
  • cinematic WQHD resolution
  • superb stereo sound

 Where can I buy a Dell 34 inch curved Monitor?

Once you try the Dell 34 inch ultra wide monitor, you will never go back. Nothing beats spending time at your favorite game or movie and immersing yourself into the huge 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution and stereo sound. I recommend the Dell 34 inch curved screen monitor to anyone who enjoys multi media tasks, high end gaming apps, quality graphics or intensive stereo sound.

Click Here to buy the Dell curved monitor (U3415W) from Amazon.


6.  LG Electronics 34 Inch WQHD Curved LED Monitor (Model 34UC97-S)

And as is usual for the reviews here at ComputechScout – we have saved the best for last.  Please save another minute to complete our list of curved screen monitors.  The LG 34UC97-S Ultra Wide monitor is the ultimate multi tasking tool and with that magnificent curved 21 to 9 monitor is the ultimate large screen monitor for work or play. The elegant curve is an intrinsic design feature that helps create a realistic user experience. For gaming, multi media, watching movies or streaming videos or listening to music, the LG 34UC97-S will keep you happy with all the features you need.

LG 34 inch curved screenThe LG 34 inch WQHD Ultra Wide monitor (34UC97-S)


What are the best features of the LG 34 inch curved Monitor?

The 21 to 9 aspect ratio combined with the Split Screen feature lets you view multiple windows at the same time minimizing the need to flip back and forth. Color representation is also very accurate with sRGB 99% making this the ideal monitor for professionals like photographers graphic designers, or just for photoshopping family snaps.

LG designed this 34 inch monitor utilising LED backlighting technology to ensure exceptional brightness and amazing image clarity. The user get the benefit of a rich color range and the LEDs offer greater energy efficiency compared to conventional LCD monitors. IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology enhances the performance even more, whereby the response times are shortened, the image is uniformly powered and users can now view the screen clearly from virtually any angle.

Where can I find the LG 34 inch WQHD curved Monitor?

Beware, because this model has Ultra Wide Quad Definition (WQHD) the picture quality combined with the 21 to 9 wide curved screen means that playing video games, or watching movies can be an extremely beguiling and immersive experience. Once you have tried one of these latest technology monitors, you won’t be able to give it back!

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If you want to add even more quality to your gaming experience, Click Here to find out how to add extra DIMM Drive and you will never look back!


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