Samsung Chromebook 2 Review

If you have never seen the latest range of Chromebooks, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the compact and slimline size of the new Samsung Chromebook 2.  Measuring just 11.4 x 8.6 inches and a very slim 0.66 inches thick, this little beauty is one of the slimmest on the market.  Even better, it weighs in at just 2.65 pounds which also makes it ones of the lightest portable devices on the market.

Introducing Samsung Chromebook 2

The Samsung Chromebook 2 is based around a very typical 11 inch screen and 1366 x 768 pixel resolution.  It is powered by 16GB Solid state Drive and 2 GB RAM memory, but its point of difference is the Intel Celeron processor which runs in excess of 1MHz.  So even though there is not much to set it apart from other machines, the new processor makes this machine far superior to previous Samsung machines, and it is well worth having a look at the Chromebook 2.

Advantages of owning a Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2 Review

The Samsung Chromebook 2 has a reasonable to good battery life, although it would be better if it could last for a longer period of time.  With several apps and streaming media, the Chromebook 2’s battery lasts for 7 hours and 30 minutes.  Now this is not a bad result for a fairly heavy workload.  Some of the higher end Chromebook machines may boast a longer battery life, but that comes with a higher price tag.  Additional Features.  Chromebooks were designed to give us the simple life.  This is what makes them perfect for young students and less techie sorts of people.  The Samsung Chromebook 2 goes the extra mile for clients by providing a customized Help desk called ‘Helpouts’.  Based on the ‘Handout’ service offered by Google and similar to the ‘Mayday’ service by Amazon, the Helpout tool connects you with a real life person to resolve any technical issues.  You can expect to be connected with an assistant within 15 minutes, which is a fantastic service compared with the other customer service centers (or lack of!).

So it is difficult not to compare these nifty little Chromebooks with traditional laptops, but we need to remember that they are different, and present us with a real paradigm shift from the way we use of technology.  These nifty little Chromebooks are much faster and easier to use, with no waiting time for boot up and Windows reset.  Basically these machines are ready to go as soon as you lift the lid, and therefore you can access whatever data or information you need, without waiting for a huge boot up process, especially when you only want to access one piece of data and then get on with it.

In a sea of nearly identical plastic laptops, the Samsung Chromebook 2 is a uniquely thin and attractive option.  You won’t find another Chromebook adorned with a leatherette finish or one that’s thinner than 0.66 inches.  It’s also one of the most well built Chromebooks, with a metal frame and reinforced corners.  The Samsung laptop also beats another Chromebook 2 trend by including a fairly decent screen.  These distinctions might just be enough to sway you towards Samsung.

Summary of the Samsung Chromebook 2

In summary, the Samsung Chromebook 2 is a budget priced machine with very decent performance.  At around $250, this is a very affordable laptop, even though this is a very competitive market for cheap devices.  Despite these similar nature of the competitors, the new Intel Celeron N2840 processor is the real show stopper for the new Chromebook 2.

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