Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i7s PSU8SU-00F00D Review

Look at the fantastic Toshiba KIRAbook 13

The Toshiba KIRAbook is the flagship Ultrabook from Toshiba that has improved on its predecessors by incorporating a touchscreen as well some of the latest high end components. After the introduction of the famous MacBook with Retina display, every body hopped on the bandwagon to use the same WQHD resolution on their flagship Ultrabooks. Toshiba KIRAbook is in fact, the first Windows laptop to compete with Retina’s WQHD resolution.

The Power of the Toshiba KIRAbook 13

At the core of this laptop lies a powerful Intel Core i7-4500U power efficient processor. To put this processor into perspective, let us just say that it is the most powerful processor that you can expect to get on an Ultrabook in this generation. Furthermore, the Toshiba KIRAbook 13 PSU8SU-00F00D also features 8 GB of high performance DDR 3 RAM and 256 GB of SSD for fast and responsive functionality. The Toshiba KIRAbook 13 comes with Windows 8.1 operating system, that is a must for touchscreen laptops and has a battery life with enough juice to last for around 8 hours.  Be sure to look out for your Windows 10 upgrade!

The main attraction of this laptop is not the hardware components underneath the skin, because we all know that all Flagship ultrabooks carry more or less the same high performance hardware. What sets this Toshiba KIRAbook 13 apart from the lot is that this particular model is the second generation of KIRAbook to feature the WQHD 2560×1440 resolution.  What this means is that Toshiba has had the time and opportunity to improve on various issues such as scaling over the predecessors of this model. Therefore, what you get is a screen that speaks of quality like none other on a Windows operating system. Although, this laptop may be trailing behind its competition in terms of screen contrast and 2% less sRGB color gamut coverage, it still hold a great value for money. Furthermore, the display utility on KIRAbook significantly helps with the scaling issues that are so annoying on most the WQHD touchscreen ultrabooks from other brands.

The Toshiba KIRAbook 13 PSU8SU-00F00D is thin, light and offers the best hardware. In addition to that it is worth noting that this ultrabook is built with AZ91 magnesium alloy instead of the aluminium alloy on Macbook Air. As a result, the body of this laptop is around 100% stronger than its aluminium counterpart. It has various connectivity options ranging from HDMI to USB 3.0 and also includes card reader. With KIRAbook you also get a complimentary two year internet security and internet theft products from Symantec as well as 25 GB of cloud storage.  In addition, you get the backlit keyboard, Bluetooth 4, a very handy webcam, Harmon Kardon DTS Studio Sound,  and wireless modem are all included.

Summary of the Toshiba KIRAbook 13

All in all, the Toshiba KIRAbook 13 i7s Touchscreen is the premium flagship ultrabook from Toshiba that offers the latest features such as WQHD resolution as well as powerful hardware components. One of the best things about this laptop is its value for money as well as its improvement on flaws that are associated with scaling on a WQHD resolution. Therefore, if you are looking for a hassle free quality touchscreen ultrabook for Windows operating system, then this is the laptop to go for. It is thin, light, durable and portable. It also has a very decent price tag. There is absolutely no reason why you should not put this laptop high on your list.

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