Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357 Review

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The Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357

Yet another Toshiba Satellite – the L55-B5357 has it all – so where to begin?  First of all, although this is a multimedia laptop, it borders on the budget range – considering that a budget laptop is usually less than or equal to $500. But what this laptop offers, despite the low price range, is just phenomenal.

Hardware: 15.6″ HD, Core i7-4510U, 8 GB DDR3, 1 TB HDD, Windows 8, Optical Drive

The Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357 is a 15.6″ laptop with an HD resolution. This is quite standard for many multimedia laptop. What truly sets this laptop apart at the first glance is its beautifully crafted exterior and very captivating looks. It also one of the thinnest 15.6″ multimedia laptops on the market. Measuring at 0.93 inches and weighing at about 4.8 pounds, this laptop is also the slimmest and lightest in the category.

Power behind the Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357

One of the most salient features of this laptop is the energy efficient Intel Core i7-4510U processor. Now this processor is not the most powerful processor in the market, but it is surely one of the best suited for this hardware configuration. Anything higher than this would really not work well with the rest of the hardware. In any case, this processor is featured in some of the high end multimedia laptops and has the power to handle almost everything you throw at it – in moderation.

Furthermore, the Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357 offers 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of HDD capacity. Now this not something new for a laptop of this category, but how often do you find those components featured in a laptop costing around $650?

The fact of the matter is that this laptop is a precious gem. Although the laptop market is quite volatile meaning there is no guessing what the price tomorrow will be on any given day, the Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357 stands out as the best value multimedia laptop.  So what this means is that although this machine does not have the price tag that accompanies the top of the range laptops, it does come equipped with enough power and graphics processing to impress most people.  Okay it may not have the power to drive the latest and greatest gaming sensations, but then if that is what you want, you will probably be expecting to pay a lot more than what we are looking at right now.  A lot more!  But for those of us that just need to run a few applications, watch a little streaming video or a movie now and then, this machine is designed to impress.  It has more than enough capacity for storage of all you favorite music and downloads, so all you have to do is set it up on your desk or office, or wherever you would like to be, and the options are all yours!

Now you cannot expect this laptop to perform miracles, but as mentioned earlier, you can perform processor intensive tasks including editing, rendering, designing and even some gaming, as long as you keep your expectations level.

Another unique feature about Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357 is that it features 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1x USB 2.0 port. Normally it is the other way around. This laptop also manages to fit an optical drive in such a light and thin frame.

Summary of the Toshiba Satellite L55-B5357

I personally recommend this laptop to those who are looking for a versatile yet powerful machine. Students would be quick to realize the convenience this laptop can offer. A thin laptop that is portable, has great hardware features, as well as a low price tag is really worth checking out.



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  1. lola

    Jul 22. 2017

    Great all round laptop can handle almost any task and lots of windows all open at the same time

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