Toshiba Satellite P55W B5318 Convertible Laptop Review

The Toshiba Satellite P55W B5318

THIS LAPTOP IS A BEAST, and I can say that with confidence because it is the fastest machine I have ever used.  The Toshiba Satellite P55W B5318 is not the most expensive, but it certainly comes with some very impressive specifications and some fantastic internal wizardry.  Again, these claims are not made without basis, due to the fact that these component are more normally associated with higher performance (and higher priced) machines.  I highly recommend this machine to anyone who is looking for a performance machine, without having to pay full price.  This machine comes fully loaded with everything you need, such as fast WiFi, great connectivity, and that fabulous high resolution touch screen display!

Welcome to the Toshiba Satellite P55W B5318

You will find the same benefits for yourself – the Toshiba Satellite P55W-B5318 has everything you will ever need. The display is brilliant and clear, it boots up in seconds from restart, flashes to life immediately when you open the lid, and it’s just super quick and responsive whenever you want to get stuck into something.  I move very fast on a computer (patience is not one of my strong points) and this is the only machine I’ve found in this price range that keeps up with want I want to do, and more importantly, I can get my thoughts out instantly and don’t have to wait for start up time.

So what are the specifications?  Firstly is that brilliant 15 inch WLED Touch screen Display which is full HD and has Multi touch Functionality.  Good start!  For horsepower, you will love the 4th Gen Intel Core i7-4510U Processor which idles along at 2.0 GHz, but gusts up to 3.1GHz when you really need it!

You will need a suitable memory stack to keep up with that Intel core i7, so here we go with 12 GB DDR3 RAM, and just to top it off, you get a whopping 256 GB Solid State Drive or SSD to really get this machine hopping.  I really believe that is the secret to making a laptop truly smooth in terms of user experience, by providing such a massive amount of SSD it allows the machine to be much more responsive at times of restart and wake up from sleep.
It also comes with Windows 8.1 Operating system, and fantastic connectivity features such as fast WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and HDMI ports and everything else for your convenience.

Summary of the Toshiba Satellite P55W B5318

I highly recommend the Toshiba Satellite P55W B5318 for your next laptop purchase, it is purpose built for user convenience, and you cannot help but be surprised and amazed at the high performance and flat out speed that this laptop will give you.  If you like your computer to crackle along at high speed at your command, you can’t go past the Toshiba Satellite P55W B5318.

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