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In a bit of a twist as far as computer reviews go, CompuTechScout has launched into a new review format to cover PC and Desktop computers in addition to the more familiar laptops and tablet reviews that we have been presenting to you for several years.

In terms of paradigms, I just love the flexibility and portability that laptops offer a user who is busy and on the go. However, how often do we see that the limitations of laptops are the focus of the review, and the reviewer always seems to be making an excuse, or a justification as to the cost? As we all know that there are some limitations that just cannot be overcome, no matter how much money you try to throw at the problem.

And the problems with laptops is always how much computer power can you fit into a small space?

Sure there are some top end laptops that address as many of these problems as possible, but eventually they run out of capacity, or you run out of money trying to fix it!  So how do you get all of the best features without running out of capacity and without running out of money?


Do You Need a Desktop Computer?

Ok, for a long term laptop guy, there it is – I’ve put it out there. I need to take a look at desktops.   Aaaargghhhhh.

Maybe it is time to admit it, but when you need more output, faster performance, more storage, bigger graphics, louder audio, a desktop can give you all these things.  And now for the the best part – it won’t cost you the same amount as a laptop to get more of the good stuff.

So lets try to summarize this (as painful as it might be to admit it):

Positive aspects to owning a desktop computer:

  • Faster and higher capacity processing power overall
  • Yes – you can use any decent desktop for gaming
  • Better and bigger storage options
  • Massive and faster hard drive technology
  • Upgradeable in terms of more RAM, more hard drive, add SSD, or whatever
  • Better graphical processors and better visual performance
  • Better audio quality or you can add more stereo volume if you want to
  • Numerous and different types of ports for better connectivity
  • Flexible usage requirements (You can add a second screen, a favourite keyboard and mouse or whatever preferences you might have for gaming)
  • Longer life span due to more rugged components, less prone to transport damage, and better overall performance meaning you don’t have to upgrade the machine as frequently
  • Price – generally you can have all the nice stuff for a cheaper price than a laptop.

dual monitor standNegative aspects to buying a desktop computer:

  • Monitor – check that you are getting a monitor included in the price, or add enough to your budget to get yourself a nice big screen or two!
  • Check to see that accessories are included such as a keyboard and mouse as a minimum
  • Weight and Portability. Obviously these factors are the main drawback, so you need to find a good happy space to park your rig, and don’t expect to be able to transport easily.



There are several great arguments as to why a desktop computer offers a better solution than a laptop for all your computing requirements.  However, the stand out has to be the value for money. How else can you argue that better performance, faster processing, and longer lived machine can all be yours for a lower price than you can buy the same or lesser performance laptop?

Yes, as much as it pains me, a fast goochy desktop computer is probably the smarter and most cost effective way to go.

Except that I will always prefer to use a laptop…

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